Thesaurus for Graphic Materials I: Subject Terms (TGM I)

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New Postable and Non-Postable Terms and Term Changes 2007

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January through March 2007

Postable Terms (5 total)

Service industry
Barber poles
Pearl diving

Non-Postable Terms (2 total)

Vendors, Food USE Food vendors
Poles, Barber USE Barber poles

Term Changes (129 total)

Term The Change
AbsenteeismAdded BT: Employee-employer relations
Art theftDeleted term
CentenariansAdded BT: Older people
Chicken industryAdded BT: Poultry industry; Deleted BT: Industry
DeliveringAdded BT: Activities
Franking privilegeDeleted term
Game boardsDeleted term
GamesDeleted BT: Recreation
Hazardous wasteAdded BT: Pollution; Deleted BT: Refuse
IvoryAdded BT: Objects
JoineryAdded BT: Carpentry; Deleted RT: Carpentry
JokingAdded BT: Communication
JudaismAdded BT: Religion
JusticeAdded BT: Concepts
Justice facilitiesAdded BT: Facilities; Added RT: Courthouses
KachinasAdded BT: Religious articles
KeyholesAdded BT: Holes
KickingAdded BT: Activities
KiosksAdded BT: Facilities
Kites (Toys)Added BT: Toys; Deleted RT: Toys
KnockingAdded BT: Activities
Knots & splicesAdded BT: Objects
Labor supplyAdded BT: Economic policy
LandAdded BT: Physical geographic features
Land grantsAdded BT: Law & legal affairs
Land reformAdded BT: Government policy
Land tenureAdded BT: Law & legal affairs; Deleted RT: Law & legal affairs
Land useAdded BT: Economic policy
LanguageAdded BT: Communication
LanternsAdded BT: Light fixtures; Deleted RT: Light fixtures
LasersAdded BT: Equipment; Deleted RT Arms & armament
LathesAdded BT: Machinery; Deleted RTs: Equipment, Machinery
LaughterAdded BT: Communication
LaundressesAdded BT: People associated with manual labor
LaundryAdded BT: Cleaning
LaurelsAdded BT: Plants; Deleted RTs: Shrubs, Trees
MoneyAdded BT: Objects
Optical illusionsAdded BT: Hallucinations & illusions; Deleted RT: Hallucinations & illusions
Orange juiceAdded BT: Beverages
OrganizationsAdded BT: People
Organized crimeAdded BTs: Organizations, Crimes; Deleted RTs: Organizations, Gangs, Crimes
Oriental hand-to-hand fightingAdded BT: Martial arts; Deleted RT: Martial arts
OvercrowdingAdded BT: Concepts
OysteringAdded BT: Activities
PacificismAdded BT: Ethics
PacifiersAdded BT: Equipment
PainAdded BT: Physical characteristics
Paints & varnishesAdded BT: Equipment
Pandora's boxAdded BT: Symbols
PanelingAdded BT: Architectural elements
PantomimesAdded BT: Theatrical productions; Deleted RT: Theatrical productions
PaperAdded BT: Equipment
Paper productsAdded BT: Equipment
PaperworkAdded BT: Recording & registration; Deleted RT: Recording & registration
ParachutingAdded BT: Activities
ParadiseAdded BT: Concepts
ParchmentAdded BT: Hides & skins; Deleted RT: Hides & skins
ParkingAdded BT: Activities
PartitionsAdded BT: Walls; Deleted RT: Walls
Passing the buckAdded BT: Blaming
Passion-playsAdded BT: Theatrical productions
PasswordsAdded BT: Security systems
PeaceAdded BT: Concepts
Pearl fishingMade non-postable USE Pearl diving
PedestalsAdded BT: Architectural elements
Pedestrian mallsAdded BT: Walkways
PedigreeAdded BT: Concepts
Peer pressureAdded BT: Interpersonal relations
PerestroikaAdded BT: Economic policy; Deleted RT: Economic policy
PerspectiveAdded BT: Processes & techniques
PerspirationAdded BT: Bodily functions
PesisDeleted term
Pest controlAdded BT: Processes & techniques
Pet suppliesAdded BT: Objects
PetitionsAdded BT: Communication
Petrified woodAdded BT: Fossils; Deleted RT: Fossils
Petroleum workersAdded BT: Laborers
PhilanthropyAdded BT: Activities
PhilosophyAdded BT: Disciplines
PhotographyAdded BT: Processes & techniques
PhrenologyAdded BT: Social science
Physical fitnessAdded BT: Activities
Physical restraintsAdded BT: Equipment
PhysiognomyAdded BT: Social science
Picture framesAdded BT: Furnishings
PigeonholesAdded BT: Containers
PillowsAdded BT: Furnishings
Pine conesAdded BT: Plant parts
PinsettingAdded BT: Activities
PipelinesAdded BT: Facilities
Pistons & piston ringsAdded BT: Objects; Added RT: Machinery
PlasterworkAdded BT: Architectural elements
PlasticsAdded BT: Materials
Plays on wordsAdded BT: Communication
PlowingAdded BT: Activities
Pluralism (Social sciences)Added BT: Concepts
PlywoodAdded BT:Laminated wood
PodiumsAdded BT: Architectural elements
Pogo sticksAdded BT: Toys
PoisonsAdded BT: Chemicals
Police brutalityAdded BT: Punishment & torture
Police raidsAdded BT: Law enforcement; Deleted RT: Law enforcement
Police shootingsAdded BT: Events
Political campaignsAdded BT: Political participation
Political platformsAdded BT: Politics & government
Politics & governmentAdded BT: Activities
PollutionAdded BT: Refuse
PopularityAdded BT: Interpersonal relations
Population controlAdded BT: Social policy
Porcelain enamelAdded BT: Materials
PortagesAdded BTs: Lifting & carrying, Trails & paths; Deleted RTs: Lifting & carrying, Trails & paths
PosingAdded BT: Activities
Postal serviceAdded BT: Service industry
Postal service ratesDeleted term
Posting signs & noticesAdded BT: Activities
Poultry industryAdded BT: Industry
Power (Social sciences)Added BT: Concepts
Power shortagesAdded BT: Scarcity; Deleted RT: Scarcity
PrayerAdded BT: Activities
Punishment & tortureAdded BT: Activities
Radioactive wastesDeleted RT: Pollution
RagpickingAdded BT: Scavenging; Deleted UFs: Scavenging, Trash picking
ScavengingMade postable; Added BT: Activities
SeedsAdded BT: Plant parts; Deleted BT: Plants
SpittoonsDeleted BT: Furnishings
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April through June 2007

Postable Terms (7 total)

Hand tools
Modular construction

Non-Postable Terms (6 total)

Hookahs USE Water pipes (Smoking)
Horse rakes USE Mowing machines
Narghiles USE Water pipes (Smoking)
Stone boats USE Sleds & sleighs
Toilette USE Grooming
Vendors USE Merchants

Term Changes (220 total)

Term The Change
Almanacs Added RT: Calendars (TGM II term)
Auditions Added BT: Events; Deleted BT: Activities
Autographing Deleted RT: Autographs (TGM II term)
Banners Deleted BT: Signs (Notices) (TGM II term); Deleted RTs: Draperies; Flags; Deleted facet note
Calligraphy Added BT: Processes & techniques; Deleted BTs: Art; Writing; Added RTs: Art; Writing; Deleted CN
Capitalists & financiersAdded BT: People associated with commercial activities; Deleted BT: Business people
Card catalogs Deleted BT: Catalogs (TGM II term); Added BT: Storage furniture; Deleted RT: Cards (TGM II
Card games Deleted RT: Playing cards (TGM II term)
Card tricks Deleted RT: Playing cards (TGM II term)
Civil defense Added BT: Preparedness; Deleted BT: National security
Coupon stores Deleted RT: Premiums (TGM II term)
Crossword puzzles Deleted BT: Puzzles (TGM II term); Added BT:
Dismemberment Added RT: Wounds & injuries
Equipment Deleted NTs: Chisels & mallets, Crowbars, Hammers, Wrenches (became NTs to Hand tools)
Fishmongers Added BT: Food vendors; Deleted BT: Peddlars
Food vendors Added BT: Merchants; Deleted BT: Business enterprises
Gender (Sex) USE Sex Deleted non-postable term
Grocers Added BT: Merchants; Deleted BT: Business
Heliographs (Apparatus)Added BT: Signals; Deleted BT: Communication devices
Insignia Deleted RT: Badges (TGM II term)
Jigsaw puzzles Deleted term (added to TGM II)
Lithography Deleted RT: Lithographs (TGM II term)
Mazes Deleted BT: Puzzles (TGM II term)
Medals Deleted RT: Badges (TGM II term)
Merchants Added BT: People associated with commercial activities; Deleted BT: Business people
Milkmen & milkwomenAdded BT: Food vendors; Deleted BT: Sales
Models Added BT: Objects
Movable feasts Deleted RT: Calendars (TGM II term)
Newspaper vendors Added BT: Merchants; Deleted BT: Peddlars
Overcrowding Added BT: Economic & social conditions; Deleted BT: Concepts
Peddlars Added BT: Merchants; Deleted BTs: People associated with commercial activities; Sales
Plastic bags Deleted term
Posting signs & noticesDeleted RTs: Posters; Signs (Notices) (TGM II)
Pregnancy Added BT: Physical characteristics
Premieres Added BT: Events
Preparedness Added BT: National security; Deleted RT: National security
Presidential transitionsAdded BT: Politics & government
Presidents & the Congress Added BT: Politics & government; Deleted RT: Politics & government
Press Added BT: Communication; Deleted RT: Communication
Prestige Added BT: Concepts
Printing Added BT: Processes & techniques
Prisoner exchanges Added BT: Activities
Privacy Added BT: Concepts
Private art collections Added BT: Objects
Private utility companiesAdded BT: Business enterprises
Promises Added BT: Communication
Prophets Added BT: People
Prospecting Added BT: Discovery & exploration; Deleted RT: Discovery & exploration
Prostitution Added BT: Commerce
Protest movements Added BT: Organizations
Proverbs Added BT: Communication
Public affairs radio Added BT: Radio broadcasting; Deleted RT: Radio broadcasting
Public opinion polls Added BT: Communication
Public service Added BT: Activities
Public spiritedness Deleted term
Pulling Added BT: Activities
Punched card systems Added BT: Computers
Punishment devices Added BT: Equipment
Putting (Golf) Added BT: Golf; Deleted RT: Golf
Pylons (Gateways) Added BT: Site elements
Quaker guns Added BT: Warfare
Quaking USE ShakingDeleted non-postable term
Queues Added BT: Manners & customs
Quilts Added BT: Bedspreads
Quivering USE ShakingDeleted non-postable term
Racially mixed people Added BT: People
Radiation preservation of foodAdded BT: Processes & techniques
Radicalism Added BT: Economic & political systems
Radio antennas Added BT: Antennas (Electronic)
Radioactivity Added BT: Natural phenomena
Radiography Added BT: Photography; Deleted RT: Photography
Rafting (Sports) Added BT: Sports
Railroad construction & maintenance Added BTs: Construction; Maintenance & repair; Deleted RTs: Construction; Maintenance & repairs
Railroad cuts Added BT: Railroad facilities
Railroad porters Added BT: Railroad employees
Railroad rails Added BT: Objects
Railroad switching Added BT: Activities
Railroad ties Added BT: Objects
Railroad tracks Added BT: Railroad facilities
Raising hands Added BT: Activities
Rake's progress Added BT: Concepts
Raking (Sweeping) Added BT: Activities
Rapids Added BT: Physical geographic features; Added RT: Bodies of water
Reading Added BT: Activities
Rearmament Added BT: Military policy; Deleted RT: Military policy
Receiving lines Added BT: Manners & customs; Deleted BT: Queues
Recording & registrationAdded BT: Activities
Recreation Added BT: Activities
Recruiting & enlistment Added BT: Activities
Reform Added BT: Concepts
Refuse Added BT: Objects
Regionalism Added BT: Economic & political systems
Registers Added BT: Books; Deleted RT: Books
Rehearsals Added BT: Events
Rejection (Psychology) Added BT: Mental states; Deleted RT: Mental states
Rejuvenation Added BT: Concepts
Religion Added BT: Concepts
Religious aspects of war Deleted term
Religious Added BT: Concepts
Religious retreats Added BT: Events
Religious tolerance Added BT: Interpersonal relations
Reminiscing Added BT: Communication; Deleted RTs: Conversation; Story telling
Remodeling Added BT: Activities
Rescue work Added BT: Assistance
Rescues Added BT: Events
Resignations Added BT: Events
Resolutions Added BT: Communication
Resurrection Added BT: Biblical events
Retirements Added BT: Events
Reviewing stands Added BT: Facilities
Rich people Added BT: People
Riding Added BT: Activities
Right-wing extremists Added BT: People
Riot control Added BT: Law enforcement
Rivers Added BT: Bodies of water; Added RT: Streams; Deleted BT: Streams
Riveting Added BT: Metalworking; Deleted RT: Metalworking
Roadblocks Added BT: Site elements
Rockets Added BT: Vehicles; Deleted NT: Anti-aircraft missiles; Deleted UF: Guided missiles
Rocks Added BT: Objects
Role reversal Added BT: Behavior
Romances Added BT: Literature
Rookeries Added BT: Dwellings; Added RT: Animal housing
Rope skipping Added BTs: Physical fitness; Play (Recreation)
Ropes Added BT: Equipment
Roping Added BT: Activities
Rotundas Added BT: Rooms & spaces
Rubber Added BT: Materials
Rumor Added BT: Communication
Runners Deleted term
Russian roulette Added BT: Gambling; Added RTs: Suicides; Punishment & torture
Rustic work Added BT: Woodwork
Rustication Added BT: Masonry; Deleted RT: Masonry
Ruts Added BT: Holes; Deleted RT: Holes
Saddlery Added BT: Processes & techniques
Saddles Added BT: Equipment
Safety Added BT: Concepts
Sailing Added BT: Activities
Saline water conversionAdded BT: Processes & techniques
Salvage Added BTs: Activities, Objects
Sand Added BT: Land
Sand traps Added BT: Site elements
Sandboils Added BT: Physical geographic features; Added RT: Bodies of water; Deleted BT: Bodies of water
Sandpaintings Added BT: Ceremonial objects
Sanitation Added BT: Concepts
Scaffolding Added BT: Equipment
Scalps Added BT: Body parts
Scandals Added BT: Events
Scarcity Added BT: Economic & social conditions
Scarecrows Added BT: Equipment
Scars Added BT: Wounds & injuries; Deleted RT: Wounds & injuries
Scepters Added BT: Ceremonial objects; Added RT: Staffs (Sticks)
School attendance Added BTs: Behavior, Economic & social conditions
School board members Added BT: People associated with education & communication
School meals Added BT: Eating & drinking
School overcrowding Added BT: Overcrowding
School safety patrols Added BT: People associated with health & safety
Science fiction Added BT: Literature
Scoreboards Added BT: Communication devices
Screaming Added BT: Communication
Scuttling of warships Added BT: Naval warfare; Deleted RT: Naval warfare
Seapower Added BT: Concepts
Searching Added BT: Activities
Searchlights Added BT: Light fixtures; Deleted RT: Light fixtures
Secession Added BT: Events
Sectionalism (United States)Added BT: Economic & political systems
Secularism Added BT: Economic & political systems
Security checkpoints Added BT: Sites
Security systems Added BT: Equipment
Seduction Added BT: Activities
Seed trade Added BT: Industry
Self-defense Added BT: Activities; Deleted RT: Oriental hand-to-hand fighting
Self-interest Added BT: Behavior
Separation of powers Added BT: Economic & political systems
Sewing Added BT: Processes & techniques
Shaking Deleted term
Sheaves Added BT: Objects
Sheep shearing Added BT: Activities
Shells Added BT: Body parts; Added qualifier: (Animal)
Shelving Added BT: Furniture; Deleted NT: Bookcases; Deleted RT: Furniture
Shipping Added BT: Transportation; Deleted BT:
Shirtwaists Added PN: Women's blouses or dresses made in the style of men's shirts.
Shoe polishes Added BT: Objects
Shoe shining Added BT: Activities
Shoemaking Added BT: Processes & techniques
Shooting Added BT: Activities
Shoplifting Added BT: Robberies; Deleted RT: Robberies
Shopping Added BT: Commerce
Shouting Added BT: Communication
Shrouds Added BT: Equipment; Added RT: Funeral rites & ceremonies; Added PN: Burial cloth or cover.
Shrunken heads Added BT: Heads (Anatomy); Deleted RT: Human body
Shut-ins Added BT: People with disabilities; Deleted RT: People with disabilities
Signals & signaling Deleted term (added each term separately)
Silverware Added BT: Equipment
Sitting Added BT: Activities; Deleted RT: Locomotion
Skating Added BT: Activities
Skeletons Added BT: Body parts
Ski lifts Added BT: Sports & recreation facilities
Skiing Added BT: Activities
Skin diving Added BT: Diving; Deleted RT: Diving
Slaughtering Added BT: Activities
Slavery Added BT: Economic & social conditions
Sliding Added BT: Locomotion
Sliding boards Added BT: Equipment; Added UF: Slides
Slingshots Added BT: Equipment
Slogans Added BT: Communication
Smiley faces Added BT: Symbols
Smiling Added BT: Activities
Smoke Added BT: Natural phenomena
Sneakers Added BT: Athletic shoes; Deleted RT: Athletic shoes
Sneezing Added BT: Bodily functions
Snipers Added BT: People
Snowballs Added BT: Objects
Snowmen Added BT: Objects
Street vendors Added BT: Merchants
Sutlers Added BT: Merchants; Deleted BT: People associated with commercial activities
Ticket offices Deleted RT: Tickets (TGM II term)
Ticketing Deleted RT: Tickets (TGM II term)
Trembling USE Shaking Deleted non-postable term
Waterfalls Added BT: Physical geographic features; Added RT: Bodies of water; Deleted BT: Bodies of water
Young adults Deleted BT: People

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July through September 2007

Postable Terms (0 total)

Non-Postable Terms (0 total)

Term Changes (1 total)

Term The Change
Whiteprints Changed MT: White prints (non-postable TGM II term)

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October through December 2007

Postable terms (26 total)

Abandoned vehicles
African violets
Animal breeding
Animal husbandry
Animal migration
Aquatic plants
Beehive houses
Child marriage
Seating charts
Water mills

Non-Postable (9 total)

Alarms USE: Security systems
Alders USE: Birches
Architectural studios USE: Architects' offices
Kibitkas USE: Yurts
Mistakes USE: Errors
Nagging USE: Complaining
Shaykhs USE: Sheikhs
Sheiks USE: Sheikhs
Timepieces USE: Clocks & watches

TGM Term Changes (136 total)

Acorn decorations
Business & finance
Canning & preserving
Clocks & watches
Dairy products industry
Emigration & immigration
Quitting time
Security systems
Social mobility
Social values
Solar energy
Sound waves
Space race
Sport clothes
Sports officiating
Staffs (Sticks)
Stage lighting
Stage props
State medicine
Stations of the Cross
Stills (Distilleries)
Stock market
Stone cutting
Strategic planning
Straw man
Student aspirations
Student movements
Studio props
Suburban life
Suicide prevention
Suppression of evidence
Surplus commodities
Table settings & decorations
Tailings embankments
Talk shows
Target practice
Tax cuts
Teachers' assistants
Television antennas
Television broadcasting
Television production & direction
Temper tantrums
Ten commandments
Tenure of office
Theater curtains
Theatrical productions
Three monkeys (Motif)
Ticker tape

Deleted Terms (1 total)

Sociological dramas

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