Thesaurus for Graphic Materials II: Genre and Physical Characteristic
Terms (TGM II)

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TGM II Terms Added or Revised
1995 through 2001

The following terms were added or changed between 1995, when the Thesaurus for Graphic Materials II: Genre and Physical Characteristic Terms (TGM II) was published, and 2002.

New Terms

Buttons (Information artifacts)
Color wheels
Composite drawings
Cutaway drawings
Gelatin silver film negatives
Landscaping plans
Memorial photographs
Photogenic drawings
Postmortem photographs
Planting drawings
Record drawings
Stock posters
Structural drawings
Waxed paper negatives
Window cards
Wine labels

Changed Terms

Bonds (Negotiable instruments) Bonds (Financial records)
Diazotypes Diazo prints
Direct mail Advertising mail
Forms (Documents) Forms
Frakturs (Illumination) Fraktur
Gelatin silver film transparencies Silver gelatin film transparencies
Gelatin silver glass transparencies Silver gelatin glass transparencies
Gelatin silver printing-out paper prints Silver gelatin printing-out paper prints
Gelatin silver prints Silver gelatin prints
Landscapes (Representations) Landscapes
Line photoengravings Line photomechanical prints
Luminescent works Luminous works
Marks (Symbols) Marks
Microfiche Microfiches
Paper toys Toys, Paper
Pastels (Visual works) Pastel drawings; Pastel paintings
Presentation drawings (Proposals) Presentation drawings
Puns (Visual works) Puns
Satires (Visual works) Satires
Scrolls (Visual works) Scrolls
Signs (Notices) Signs
Stanhopes (Photographs) Stanhopes
Stencils (Images) Stencil prints
Stencils (Tools) Stencils
Structural systems drawings ( new scope note) Structural systems drawings
Studies (Visual works) Studies
Wallpapers Wallpaper

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