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Alexander Hamilton: A Resource Guide

Selected Bibliography

Finding Books by and about Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton.
Photograph of painting by John Trumbull.
1 negative: glass.
[between 1900 and 1912]
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The Library of Congress online catalog contains more than forty subject headings for books related to Alexander Hamilton. To find works on any of these topics, select Browse, and enter the words Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804 into the search box; then choose the Subjects beginning with option. You will get the list of Hamilton-related subject headings. Click on any heading to see a list of titles that have that subject heading; click on any of the titles to access the book's bibliographic record.

From among the hundreds of Hamilton-related titles in the Library of Congress collections, the bibliography below highlights the most significant editions of works by Hamilton and a limited selection of biographies and other works particularly useful to a general audience and younger readers.

Selected Works by Alexander Hamilton

Freeman, Joanne B., ed. Alexander Hamilton: Writings. New York: Library of America, 2001.
LC Call Number: E302 .H22 2001 [Catalog Record]

Frisch, Morton J., ed. Selected Writings and Speeches of Alexander Hamilton. Washington: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1985.
LC Call Number: E302 .H22 1985 [Catalog Record]

Gaylord, Irving C., comp. The Burr-Hamilton Duel, With Correspondence Preceding Same, etc. New York: Hamilton Bank, 1889.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 G2 [Catalog Record]
Note: This work has been made available online External Link on the Internet Archive Web site.

Goebel, Julius, Jr., ed. The Law Practice of Alexander Hamilton: Documents and Commentary. 5 vols. New York: Published under the auspices of the William Nelson Cromwell Foundation by Columbia University Press, 1964-1981.
LC Call Number: KF363.H3 G6 [Catalog Record]

Kline, Mary-Jo, ed. Alexander Hamilton: A Biography in His Own Words. New York: Harper & Row, 1973.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 A125 1973b [Catalog Record]

Lodge, Henry Cabot, ed. The Works of Alexander Hamilton. 12 vols. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1904.
LC Call Number: E302 .H24 [Catalog Record]
Note: This work has been made available online External Link by the Online Library of Liberty.

Syrett, Harold C. and Jacob E. Cooke, eds. The Papers of Alexander Hamilton. 27 vols. New York: Columbia University Press, 1961-87.
LC Call Number: E302 .H24 [Catalog Record]

Vernier, Richard B., ed. The Revolutionary Writings of Alexander Hamilton. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2008.
LC Call Number: E302 .H22 2008 [Catalog Record]
Note: This work has been made available online External Link by the Online Library of Liberty.

Selected Biographies and other Studies of Hamilton

Ambrose, Douglas and Robert W. T. Martin, eds. The Many Faces of Alexander Hamilton: The Life and Legacy of America’s Most Elusive Founding Father. New York: New York University Press, 2006.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 M36 2006 [Catalog Record]

Brookhiser, Richard. Alexander Hamilton, American. New York: Free Press, 1999.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 B76 1999 [Catalog Record]

Cantor, Milton. Hamilton. Englewod Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1971.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 C3 [Catalog Record]

Chernow, Ron. Alexander Hamilton. New York: Penguin, 2004.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 C48 2004 [Catalog Record]

Cooke, Jacob Ernest. Alexander Hamilton. 1967; rpt. New York: Scribner's, 1982.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 C73 1982 [Catalog Record]

Fleming, Thomas J. Duel: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the Future of America. New York: Basic Books, 1999.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 F56 1999 [Catalog Record]

Flexner, James Thomas. The Young Hamilton: A Biography. 1978; rpt. New York: Fordham University Press, 1997.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 F58 1997 [Catalog Record]

Harper, John Lamberton. American Machiavelli: Alexander Hamilton and the Origins of U.S. Foreign Policy. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 H37 2004 [Catalog Record]

Hecht, Marie B. Odd Destiny: The Life of Alexander Hamilton. New York: MacMillan, 1982.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 H42 1982 [Catalog Record]

Knott, Stephen F. Hamilton and the Persistence of Myth. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2005.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 .K66 2002 [Catalog Record]

McDonald, Forrest. Alexander Hamilton: A Biography. New York: Norton, 1979.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 M32 1979 [Catalog Record]

Miller, John Chester. Alexander Hamilton: Portrait in Paradox. New York: Harper, 1959.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 M58 [Catalog Record]

Mitchell, Broadus. Alexander Hamilton. 2 vols. New York: Macmillan, 1957-62.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 M6 [Catalog Record]

-----. Alexander Hamilton: A Concise Biography. New York: Oxford University Press, 1976.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 M6 1976 [Catalog Record]

-----. Alexander Hamilton: The Revolutionary Years. New York: Crowell, 1970.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 M62 [Catalog Record]

Randall, Willard Sterne. Alexander Hamilton: A Life. New York: HarperCollins, 2003.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 R25 2003 [Catalog Record]

Schachner, Nathan. Alexander Hamilton. New York: D. Appleton-Century, 1946.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 S25 [Catalog Record]

Younger Readers

Collier, James Lincoln. The Alexander Hamilton You Never Knew. New York: Children’s, 2003.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 C64 2003 [Catalog Record]

Fradin, Dennis B. Duel! : Burr and Hamilton’s Deadly War of Words. New York: Walker, 2008.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 F73 2008 [Catalog Record]

Kallen, Stuart A. Alexander Hamilton. Edina, Minn.: Abdo, 2001.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 K18 2001 [Catalog Record]

Keller, Mollie. Alexander Hamilton. New York: F. Watts, 1986.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 K45 1986 [Catalog Record]

Kent, Zachary. Alexander Hamilton: Creating a Nation. Berkeley Heights, N.J.: Enslow, 2004.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 K46 2004 [Catalog Record]

Rosenburg, John M. Alexander Hamilton: America's Bold Lion. Brookfield, Conn.: Twenty-First Century Books, 2000.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 R67 2000 [Catalog Record]

Whitelaw, Nancy. More Perfect Union: The Story of Alexander Hamilton. Greensboro, N.C.: Morgan Reynolds, 2003.
LC Call Number: E302.6.H2 W47 2003 [Catalog Record]

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