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Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A Resource Guide

Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill on portico of Russian Embassy in Teheran, during conference--Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, 1943
Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill on portico of Russian Embassy in Teheran, during conference--Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, 1943.
1 photographic print. 1943.
Prints and Photographs Division.
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Related Resources

America's Library

Designed for elementary and middle school students, America's Library provides the following stories related to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Administration:

Jump Back in Time: Depression & WWII (1929-1945)

Jump Back in Time: The Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

Jump Back in Time: Joseph Stalin Wrote A Memo to Roosevelt and Churchill, August 13, 1942


American Treasures of the Library of Congress

This exhibition provides unique insight into various aspects of American history and culture. Objects displayed are organized according to the three categories that Thomas Jefferson used for his library: memory, reason, and imagination. The exhibition includes the following documents pertaining to Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

Churchill and the Great Republic

This exhibition examines the life and career of Winston Spencer Churchill and emphasizes his lifelong links with the United States--the nation that he called "the great Republic." The exhibition includes a number of letters and cables written between Roosevelt and Churchill during World War II.

"I Do Solemnly Swear..." Inaugural Materials from the Collections of the Library of Congress

Items from eighteen presidents are featured in this online exhibition, including images and documents related to Roosevelt's 1933 inauguration.

Prints & Photographs Division

Prints & Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC)

Search PPOC using the subject heading Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945 to find hundreds of digital images related to Roosevelt such as prints, photographs, and political cartoons. Search all text fields in PPOC using the phrase Franklin Roosevelt to locate additional images.

Ansel Adams's Photographs of Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar

In 1943, Ansel Adams (1902-1984), America's most well-known photographer, documented the Manzanar War Relocation Center in California and the Japanese-Americans interned there during World War II. In February 1942, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which authorized the building of “relocation camps” for Japanese Americans living along the Pacific Coast.

Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Black-and-White Negatives

The photographs in the Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Photograph Collection form an extensive pictorial record of American life between 1935 and 1944. In addition, this collection contains many photographs of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt. Search this collection using the phrase President Roosevelt or Mrs. Roosevelt to locate these images.

Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record/Historic American Landscapes Survey

The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) collections document achievements in architecture, engineering, and design in the United States, including Roosevelt's home located in Hyde Park, New York.

Presidents of the United States Selected Images From the Collections of the Library of Congress

This guide presents portraits of U.S. presidents and first ladies, including images of Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Teachers Page

American Memory Timeline: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal

This site contains a short essay on the New Deal and links to related documents found within American Memory.

Today in History

January 20

On January 20, 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first U.S. president sworn into office in January. It was the second of his four inaugurations.

April 8

On April 8, 1935, Congress approved the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Created by President Franklin Roosevelt to relieve the economic hardship of the Great Depression, this national works program (called the Works Project Administration beginning in 1939) employed more than 8.5 million people on 1.4 million public projects before it was disbanded in 1943.

June 16

June 16, 1933, marked the end of the first hundred days of the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

July 8

On July 8, 1932, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to its lowest point during the Great Depression.

August 13

On August 13, 1942, Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin drafted a memorandum to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and American President Franklin Roosevelt opposing their decision not to invade Western Europe at that time.

October 11

Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City on October 11, 1884.

December 7

On December 7, 1941, Japanese planes attacked the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor killing more than 2,300 Americans. The following day, President Franklin Roosevelt, addressing a joint session of Congress, called December 7 "a date which will live in infamy."

Virtual Programs and Services

Digital Reference Section Web Guides

A Guide to World War II Materials

This guide gathers in one place links to World War II related resources throughout the Library of Congress Web site.

New Deal Programs: Selected Library of Congress Resources

This guide was created to serve as a starting point for research using Library of Congress collections of New Deal program materials. Although this guide is by no means comprehensive, it provides an overview of special collections held by the Library of Congress and links to digitized materials and selected resources relating to New Deal programs in Library of Congress divisions. The guide also links to major collections of New Deal program materials held at other institutions.


Electing FDR: The New Deal Campaign of 1932

Donald A. Ritchie, associate historian at the U.S. Senate Historical Office, discusses his book Electing FDR: The New Deal Campaign of 1932 in a program sponsored by the Library's Center for the Book.

Bankrupting the Enemy: The U.S. Financial Siege of Japan Before Pearl Harbor

Edward S. Miller discusses his book Bankrupting the Enemy: The U.S. Financial Siege of Japan Before Pearl Harbor in a program sponsored by the Humanities and Social Sciences Division.

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