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Yudin Collection

Publications relating to Russian history, bibliography, and literature, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; pictorial material; papers of the Russian American Company.

Gennadii Vasil'evich Yudin (1840-1912), a wealthy Siberian distiller and amateur bibliographer, developed one of the finest personal libraries in the Russian Empire. Collecting extensively in the fields of Russian bibliography, history, and literature, Yudin accumulated significant holdings of provincial gazettes, early editions of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literary works, early Russian-language imprints, and Russian literary and historical magazines. From his home near Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, he was able to procure local publications that had escaped the attention of the major Russian libraries and so amassed an unparalleled collection on his native region. Many contemporaries were impressed by the scope of the Yudin library, among them Lenin, who used the Collection while exiled in Siberia from 1898. The Yudin collection was purchased by the Library of Congress in 1906 and forms the cornerstone of the Library's present Russian-language resources. Although the 80,000 volumes have been absorbed into the general collections, the original handwritten inventory can be consulted in the Rare Book and Special Collections Division and is also available on microfilm. Sergius Yakobson's article, "An Autobiography of Gennadii Vasil'evich Yudin," in the Library of Congress Quarterly Journal, v. 3, February 1946, p. 13-15, includes a biographical statement by Yudin and information on his library.

Scores of rare imprints from the Yudin library are housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Division and form the greater part of the division's eighteenth-century Russian-language holdings. Alexis Babine's account of the Yudin library highlights such valuable items as the first edition of A. N. Radischev's critique of serfdom Puteshetvie iz Peterburga v Moskvu (A Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow) (1790); Irtysh (1789), the first magazine published in Siberia; a Slavonic ABC book issued in Rome in 1753; and the first Russian geometry book (1725). These are listed, without indication of provenance, in Eighteenth Century Russian Publications in the Library of Congress: A Catalog (Washington: 1961. xvi, 157 p. Z2502.U5), prepared by Tatiana Fessenko. Rare nineteenth-century books include the earliest edition of Dostoevskii's first published novel Biednye liudi (Poor People) (1847) and one of the few copies of the first edition of the medieval poem Slovo o polku Igoreve (Song of Igor's Campaign) (1800) to escape the burning of Moscow in 1812.

Digitized Material from the Yudin Collection

ather’s legacy to his daughters

Gregory, John, 1724-1773. Father’s legacy to his daughters. Russian. Zavieshchanie niekotorago ottsa svoim docheriam/izdannoe g. doktorom Grigorem v Edimburgie; perevedennoe Margaritoiu Str. V gradie Sviatago Petra: [s.n.], 1791.
Page Turner - PDF - (59.60 MB) Bibliographic Information

Eckartshausen, Karl von, 1752-1803. Oblako nad sviatilishchem, ili, Niechto takoe, o chem gordaia filosofīia i grezit ne smieet / sochinenie G. Ėkkartsgauzena, izdannoe v 1802 g. Sanktpeterburg: Izhdiveniem perevodchika, v Imperatorskoi tipografii, 1804 goda.
Page Turner - PDF (59.6 MB) - Bibliographic Information
Fischer, Johann Eberhard, 1697-1771. Sibirskai︠a︡ istorīi︠a︡ s samago otkrytīi︠a︡ Sibiri do zavoevanīi︠a︡ seĭ zemli rossīĭskim oruzhīem, sochinennai︠a︡ na Ni︠e︡met︠s︡kom i︠a︡zyki︠e︡ i v sobranīi Akademicheskom chitannai︠a︡ chlenom Sanktpeterburgskoĭ Akademīi nauk i professorom drevnosteĭ i istorīi, tak zhe chlenom istoricheskago Gettingskago sobranīi︠a︡ Iogannom Ebergardom Fisherom. V Sanktpeterburgi︠e︡ pri Imperatorskoĭ Akademīi nauk, 1774 goda.
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Otchet po Tobolskomu otdieenīiu Imperatorskago russkago muzykalnago obshchestva za 1894/5 god

Imperatorskoe russkoe muzykalnoe obshchestvo. Tobolskoe otdielenīe. Otchet po Tobolskomu otdieenīiu Imperatorskago russkago muzykalnago obshchestva za 1894/5 god.Tobolsk: Tip. Gubernskago pravlenīia, 1895.
Page Turner - PDF - Bibliographic Information

Istorïia raznykh slavianskikh narodov

Jovan, Archimandrite, 1726-1801.Istorïia raznykh slavianskikh narodov, naipache bolgar, khorvatov i serbov, iz tmy zabvenīia iziataia, i vo sviet istoricheskīĭ proizvedennaia Ioannom Raichem, arkhimandritom.V Sanktpeterburgie, V Tip. Korpusa chuzhestrannykh edinoviertsov, 1795.
Page Turner - PDF - (59.60 MB) Bibliographic Information

Miller, Gerard Fridrikh, 1705-1783. Opisanīe Sibirskago t︠s︡arstva i vsi︠e︡kh proizshedshikh v nem di︠e︡l, ot nachala, a osoblivo ot pokorenīi︠a︡ ego rossīĭskoĭ Derzhavi︠e︡ po sīi vremena / sochineno Gerardom Friderikom Millerom .... Kniga pervai︠a︡.
Page Turner -Bibliographic Information

Piesni Piesni. [n.p., n.d.]
Page Turner - PDF (27.58 MB)- Bibliographic Informaton
Propis, pokazyvaiushchaia rossiĭskago pisma Rieshetnikov, A. (Andreĭ Gordīevich). Propis, pokazyvaiushchaia rossiĭskago pisma. V Moskvie: Izhdiven. Kh. Ridigera i Kh. Klaudīia, 1796.
Page Turner - PDF (5.84 MB) - Bibliographic Information Rieshetnikov, A. (Andreĭ Gordīevich). Rossīĭskīia propisi, sluzhashchīia dlia nauchenīia dieteĭ, pravilnomu i osnovatelnomu chistopisanīiu/izdannye i gravirovannye A. Rieshetnikovym, 1787 goda. V Moskvie: Pechatano v volnoĭ Tipografīi A. Rieshetnikova, [1787].
Page Turner - PDF (9.08 MB) - Bibliographic Information
Zapiski o sibirskikh drevnostiakh. Grigorīia Spasskago, volume 1

Spasskïĭ, Grigorïĭ Ivanovich, d. 1864. Zapiski o sibirskikh drevnostiakh. Grigorīia Spasskago. Sanktpeterburg, 1819.

Volume I: Page Turner - PDF (64.50 MB) - Bibliographic Information
Volume II: Page Turner - PDF (23.81 MB) - Bibliographic Information

Poslovitsy na kazhdyĭ den. Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910. Poslovitsy na kazhdyĭ den. Moskva: Izd. "Posrednika", 1887 (Moskva: Tip. I.D. Sytina)
Page Turner - PDF (30.97 MB) - Bibliographic Information

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