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Aeronautics: A Selected Bibliography --
Books used in preparing the book, Aeronautical and Astronautical Resources of the Library of Congress: A Comprehensive Guide


Front cover of the book, "Aeronautical and Astronautical Resources of the Library of Congress: A Comprehensive Guide."
Image: The cover of the book, Aeronautical and Astronautical Resources of the Library of Congress: A Comprehensive Guide, 2007.


This guide was compiled to accompany a talk by Tom Crouch, senior curator of the Division of Aeronautics at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, on October 24, 2007, at the Library of Congress. His talk, "Aeronautics at the Library of Congress: Forty Years of One User's Expertise." celebrated the publication of a Library of Congress book, Aeronautical and Astronautical Resources of the Library of Congress: A Comprehensive Guide. Tom Crouch's presentation may be viewed as a Webcast at

Aeronautical and Astronautical Resources of the Library of Congress: A Comprehensive Guide is the first comprehensive, annotated guide to collections concerning the history of aeronautics and astronautics at the Library of Congress. The guide covers the Library's special collections such as its manuscripts, photographs, rare books, and maps. It also includes the deep and broad holdings in what might be described as the Library's underexplored giant, its general collections. The book may be purchased at the Library of Congress shop, or online at

Works by Tom Crouch

Crouch, Tom D. The Bishop’s boys: a life of Wilbur and Orville Wright. New York, W. W. Norton, c1989. 606 p.
   Bibliography: p. 577-586.
   TL540.W7C76 1989

Crouch, Tom D. A dream of wings: Americans and the airplane, 1875-1905. Washington, Smithsonian Institution Press, c1989. 349 p.
   Bibliography: p. 330-337.
   TL521.C65 1989

Crouch, Tom D. The eagle aloft: two centuries of the balloon in America. Washington, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1983. 770 p.
   Bibliography: p. 721-731.
   TL618.C76 1983 <SciRR>

Crouch, Tom D. Rocketeers and gentlemen engineers: a history of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics--and what came before. Reston, VA, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, c2006. 292 p.
   Bibliography: p. 231-236.
   TL568.A445C76 2006

Crouch, Tom D. Wings: a history of aviation from kites to the space age. Washington, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, 2003. 725 p.
   Bibliography: p. 677-690.
   TL515.C76 2003


Bibliographical Works and Library of Congress Collection Guides

The Aeronautical index for 1939. Compiled by the Division of Aeronautics, Library of Congress. New York, Sherman Fairchild Publication Fund, Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, 1943. 335 p.
   Z5063.A2U63 <SciRR>

Aeronautics and space flight collections. Catherine D. Scott, editor. New York, Haworth Press, c1985. 229 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   "Has also been published as Special collections, volume 3, numbers 1/2, fall 1985/winter 1985/1986."
   See especially the chapter entitled Aeronautics and Astronautics in the Library of Congress by John F. Price.
p. 49-71.
   Z5063.A33 1985 <SciRR>

The Aerospace periodical index, 1973-1982. Compiled by the staff of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, National Air and Space Museum Branch. Boston, G. K. Hall, 1983. 660 p. (Smithsonian Institution Libraries research guide, 3)    Z5063.A2A33 1983 <SciRR>

Brockett, Paul. Bibliography of aeronautics. Detroit, Gale Research Company, 1966. 940 p. (Smithsonian miscellaneous collections, v. 55)
   Z5063.B85 <SciRR>
   Reprint of edition published by Smithsonian Institution in 1910.

Gull, Cloyd Dake, and others. A directory of sources for air and space history: primary historical collections in United States repositories. Washington, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, 1989. 312 p.
   Z5063.G85 1989 <SciRR>

Hanniball, August. Aircraft, engines and airmen: a selective review of the periodical literature, 1930-1969. Metuchen, NJ, Scarecrow Press, 1972. 825 p.
   Z5063.A2H34 <SciRR>

Index aeronauticus; a review of technical information. London, Ministry of Aircraft Production, Directorate of Research and Development, 1945-1968. 24 v.

Library of Congress. The General Spaatz collection. By Marvin W. McFarland. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1949. 33 p.
   “Reprint from the Library of Congress Quarterly journal of current acquisitions, volume 6, number 3, May 1949.”

Library of Congress. The H. H. Arnold collection. By Marvin W. McFarland. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1952. 11 p.
   “Reprint from the Library of Congress Quarterly journal of current acquisitions, volume 9, number 4, August 1952.”

Library of Congress. Division of Aeronautics. Aeronautic abbreviations. Complied by N. H. Randers-Pehrson. Washington, Library of Congress, 1939. 17 p.
   TL509.U65 1939

Library of Congress. Division of Aeronautics. Aeronautic Americana; a bibliography of books and pamphlets on aeronautics published in America before 1900. By N. H. Randers-Pehrson and A. G. Renstrom. New York, The Sherman Fairchild Publication Fund, Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, 1943. 40 p.
   Z5063.U6A4 <SciRR>

Library of Congress. Science and Technology Division. Aeronautical and space serial publications; a world list. Washington, Library of Congress, 1962. 255 p.
   Z5063.A2U64 <SciRR>

New York Public Library. History of aeronautics; a selected list of references to material in the New York Public Library. Compiled by William B. Gamble. New York, 1971. 325 p.
   Z5063.N56 1971 <SciRR>
   Reprint of the 1938 ed.
   First published in the Bulletin of the New York Public Library, Jan. 1936-Sept. 1937.

Renstrom, Arthur George. Wilbur & Orville Wright: a bibliography commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Wilbur Wright, April 16, 1867. Washington, Library of Congress, 1968. 187 p.
   Revision and expansion of the bibliography published in 1953 as part of The papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Renstrom, Arthur George. Wilbur & Orville Wright: a bibliography commemorating the one-hundredth anniversary of the first powered flight, December 17, 1903. With additional contributions by Roberta W. Goldblatt, Carl Minkus and Karen L. Berube. Washington, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Office of External Relations, NASA History Office, NASA Headquarters, 2002. 144 p. (Monographs in aerospace history, no. 27) (NASA SP, 2002-4527)
   Z8986.33.R3997 2002 <SciRR>

Renstrom, Arthur George. Wilbur & Orville Wright: a chronology commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Orville Wright, August 19, 1871. Washington, Library of Congress, 1975. 234 p.
   TL540.W7R46 <SciRR>

Renstrom, Arthur George. Wilbur & Orville Wright: pictorial materials: a documentary guide. Washington, Library of Congress, 1982. 200 p.
   Z663.41.W73 1982

Tissandier, Gaston. Bibliographie aéronautique: catalogue de livres d’histoire, de science, de voyages et de fantaisie traitant de la navigation aérienne ou des aérostats, par Gaston Tissandier. Paris, H. Launette et Cie, 1887. 62 p.
   Z5063.T61 <SciRR>

United States. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Bibliography of aeronautics, 1909-1916 to 1932. Washington, Govt. Print. Off., 1925-1935. 14 v.
   Z5063.B86 <SciRR>

Wright, Wilbur, and Orville Wright. The papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright: including the Chanute-Wright letters and other papers of Octave Chanute. Marvin W. McFarland, editor. New York, McGraw-Hill, c2001. 2 v. (1278 p.)
   TL540.W7A4 2001 <SciRR>
   Orginally published in 1953.


Selected Illustrated Historical Works

Dollfus, Charles, Henry Beaubois, and Camille Rougeron. L’homme, l’air et l’espace; aéronautique, astronautique. Paris, Éditions de l’Illustration, 1965. 550 p.

Dollfus, Charles, and Henri Bouché. Histoire de l’aéronautique (The history of aeronautics). New York, Arno Press, 1979, c1942. 613 p.
   TL515.D6 1979
   Reprint of the 1942 ed. published by L’Illustration, Paris

Grand-Carteret, John, and Léo Delteil. La conqûete de l’air vue par l’image. Paris, Librairie des Annales, 1910. 175 p.

Hodgson, John Edmund. The history of aeronautics in Great Britain, from the earliest times to the latter half of the nineteenth century, by J. E. Hodgson, with 150 illustrations from contemporary sources, chronology, bibliography, etc. London, Oxford University Press, 1924. 436 p.
   Bibliography: p. 387-415.

Marsh, W. Lockwood. Aeronautical prints & drawings. London, Halton and T. Smith, Ltd., 1924. 36 p. (87 plates)

Turnor, Christopher Hatton. Astra castra; experiments and adventures in the atmosphere. London, Chapman and Hall, 1865. 530 p.

Wright, Wilbur, and Orville Wright. Photographs by the Wright Brothers: prints from the glass negatives in the Library of Congress: a micropublication commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the first flight by the Wright Brothers, December 17, 1903. Washington, Library of Congress, 1978. 20 p. & microfiche (5 sheets: chiefly ill.) in pocket.
   TL521.W74 1978


Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Atlante enciclopedico degli aerei civili del mondo: da Leonardo a oggi. A cura di Enzo Angelucci. Testi di Paolo Matricardi. 2. ed. riveduta e ampliata. Milano, A. Mondadori, 1993. 436 p.
   Bibliography: p. 420-422.
   TL515.A8413 1993

Aviation year by year. Editor-in-chief, Bill Gunston. New York, DK, 2001. 984 p.
   TL515.C533 2001 <SciRR>
   Originally published as Chronicle of aviation. Liberty, MO, JL International, c1992.

Baker, David. Flight and flying: a chronology. New York, Facts on File, c1994. 549 p.
   TL515.B23 1994 <SciRR>

Encyclopedia of flight. Edited by Tracy Irons-Georges; consulting editor, James F. Marchman III; project editor, Heather Stratton Williams. Pasadena, CA, Salem Press, c2002. 3 v. (899 p.)
   Includes bibliographical references.
   TL509.E557 2002 <SciRR>

The Encyclopedia of modern aircraft: from civilian airliners to military superfighters. General editor, Jim Winchester. San Diego, Thunder Bay Press, c2006. 448 p.
   TL670.E5485 2006 <SciRR>

Illman, Paul E. The pilot’s handbook of aeronautical knowledge. 4th ed. New York, McGraw-Hill, c2000. 614 p.
   TL710.I45 2000 <SciRR>

Jane’s encyclopedia of aviation. Compiled and edited by Michael J. H. Taylor. Rev., updated, expanded. New York, Crescent Books; Avenel, NJ, distributed by Outlet Book Co., 1993. 964 p.
   TL509.J29 1993 <SciRR>

Verger, Fernard, and others. The Cambridge encyclopedia of space: missions, applications, and exploration. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 2003. 418 p.
   Bibliography: p. 383-384.
   Translation of Atlas de la géographie de l’espace.
   TL788.V48 2003 <SciRR>

Winter, Frank H., and F. Robert van der Linden. 100 years of flight: a chronology of aerospace history, 1903-2003. Reston, VA, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, c2003. 524 p.
   Bibliography: p. 514-515.
   TL515.W526 2003 <SciRR>


Other Useful Titles

Alexander, John. The conquest of the air; the romance of aerial navigation. New York, A. Wessels Company, 1902. 160 p.
   TL515.A55 1902

Berry, F. Clifton. Milestones of the first century of flight. Charlottesville, VA, Howell Press, c2002. 214 p.
   Bibliography: p. 200-203.
   TL515.B4245 2002

Castex, Louis Joseph Marie Nestor. L’âge de l’air; 25 ans d’aviation commerciale dans le monde, 1920-1945. Paris, É. Chiron, 1945. 155 p.

Century of flight. By the editors of Time Life Books. Alexandria, VA, Time-Life Books, c1999. 192 p.
   Bibliography: p. 189-190.
   TL515.C36 1999

Chambe, René. Histoire de l’aviation. Paris, Flammarion, 1949. 393 p. (Collection in-4̊ Flammarion illustrée en héliogravure, v. 6)

Crónica de la aviación. Madrid, Plaza & Janes Editores, c1992. 983 p.
   TL515.C68 1992

Cruz, Celso. La conquista del aire. Buenos Aires, Atlántida, 1940. 152 p.

Dallet, Gabriel. La navigation aérienne. Paris, F. Alcan, 1886. 186 p.

Davies, R. E. G. Fallacies and fantasies of air transport history. McLean, VA, Paladwr, c1994. 223 p.
   Bibliography: p. 205-212.
   TL515.D285 1994

Exploring the unknown: selected documents in the history of the U.S. civil space program. John M. Logsdon, editor with Linda L. Lear and others. Washington, NASA, 1995-2004. 6 v.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   TL789.8.U5E87 1995 <SciRR>

Gibbs-Smith, Charles Harvard. Aviation: an historical survey from its origins to the end of the Second World War. New ed. London, Science Museum, 2003. 304 p.
   TL515.G48 2003
   Previous ed. published in London, HMSO, 1985.

Gibbs-Smith, Charles Harvard. A history of flying. London, Batsford, 1953. 304 p.
   Bibliography: p. 291-294.
   TL515.G5 1953

Glaisher, James, and others. Voyages aériens. Paris, L. Hachette et Cie, 1870. 612 p.
   TL620.A1G5 1870

Gourmont, Remy de. En ballon. Paris, Librairie Générale de Vulgarisation, 1884. 192 p.
   TL515.G63 1884a

Grant, R. G. Flight: 100 years of aviation. New York, DK Pub., 2002. 440 p.
    TL515.G67 2002

Hallion, Richard. Taking flight: inventing the aerial age from antiquity through the First World War. New York, Oxford University Press, 2003. 531 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   TL515.H22 2003

Hansen, Ole Steen. The story of flight. New York, Crabtree Pub., 2003. 190 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   TL515.H257 2003

Hildreth, Charles H., and Bernard C. Nalty. 1001 questions answered about aviation history. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1969. 419 p.
   Bibliography: p. 385-386.

Laporte, Albert. Les naufrages aériens. Paris, T. Lefèvre, 1880. 292 p.
   TL616.L3 1880

La Vaulx, Henri. Les vainqueurs de l’air; histoire de l’aéronautique: ses débuts sportifs, son application militaire, sa réalisation commerciale. Paris, Hachette, c1922. 246 p.

Lecornu, Joseph. La navigation aeriénne; histoire documentaire et anecdotique. 4. éd. Paris, Vuibert & Nony, 1910. 435 p.
   TL515.L4 1910

Lopez, Donald S. Aviation: a Smithsonian guide. New York, Macmillan USA, c1995. 256 p.
   TL515.L67 1995

Magoun, F. Alexander, and others. A history of aircraft. New York, London, Whittlesey House, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., 1931. 495 p.
   Bibliography: p. 437-442.

Mondey, David, and Michael J. H. Taylor. The Guinness book of aircraft: records facts and feats. Enfield, Middlesex, Eng., Guinness; New York, distributed by Sterling Pub., c1988. 256 p.
   TL515.M577 1988 <SciRR>

NASA historical data book. Washington, Scientific and Technical Information Division, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1988-2000. 6 v. (NASA SP, 4012)
   Includes bibliographical references.
   TL521.312.N37 1988 <SciRR>

Payne, L. G. S. Air dates. London, Heinemann, 1957. 565 p.
   TL515.P33 1957 <SciRR>

Saint-Fégor, L., de. Le royaume de l’air. Nouv. éd. mise à jour. Paris, Société d’édition et de Publications, c1910.
348 p.
   TL515.S33 1910

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum directory of airplanes: their designers and manufactures. Edited by Dana Bell. London, Greenhill Books; Mechanicsburg, PA, Stackpole Books in association with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington, 2002. 382 p.
   TL509.S577 2002 <SciRR>

Special Commission Organizing the First Aerial Derby Around the World. Bulletin no 1-10. Hongkong, 1919-1920. 1 v.

Taylor, Michael John Haddrick. The Times aviators: a history in photographs. New York, HarperCollins, c2005. 192 p.
   TL515.T375 2005

Thomas, Lowell, and Lowell Thomas, Jr. Famous first flights that changed history: sixteen dramatic adventures. Guilford, CT, Lyons Press, 2004. 340 p. (The Explorers Club classics series, v. 3)
   Bibliography: p. 326-330.
   Originally published in Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1968.
   TL515.T42 2004

Tissandier, Gaston. La navigation aérienne; l’aviation et la direction des aérostats dans les temps anciens et modernes. Paris, Hachette et Cie, 1886. 334 p.

Turner, John Frayn. Heroic flights. Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Eng., Leo Cooper, 2003. 279 p.
   TL515.T593 2003

USA in space. Edited by Russell R. Tobias. 2nd ed. Pasadena, CA, Salem Press, c2001. 3 v. (1593 p.)
   Includes bibliographical references.
   TL789.8.U5U83 2001<SciRR>

Valentine, E. Seton. Travels in space; a history of aerial navigation. London, Hurst and Blackett, Ltd., 1902. 328 p.

Wise, John. Through the air: a narrative of forty years’ experience as an aëronaut. Philadelphia, To-day Publishing Co., 1873. 650 p.
   TL515.W55 1873

Compiled by John F. Buydos
Science, Technology and Business Division
October 3, 2007

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