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Medical Genetics: Selected Book Titles

Basic genetics : a human approach / BSCS. Dubuque, IA, Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co., c1999. 147 p.
   QH431.B305 1999

Beighton, Peter and Greta Beighton. The person behind the syndrome. London, New York, Springer, c1997. 231 p.
   R134.B45 1997
   Foreword by Hans-R. Wiedemann.

Bland, Jeffrey with Sara Benum. Genetic nutritioneering. Los Angeles, Keats Pub., c1999. 272 p.
   B155.B59 1999

Bouchard, Claude, Robert M. Malina and Louis Pérusse. Genetics of fitness and physical performance. Champaign, IL, Human Kinetics, c1997. 400 p.
   QP301.B76 1997

Childs, Barton. Genetic medicine : a logic of disease. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, c1999. 326 p.
   RB155.C496 1999

Connor, J. M. and Malcolm Ferguson-Smith. Essential medical genetics. Oxford, Eng., Malden, MA, Blackwell Science, 1997. 236 p.
   RB155.C66 1997

Culture, kinship, and genes : towards cross-cultural genetics. Edited by Angus Clarke and Evelyn Parsons. New York, St. Martin's Press, 1997. 272 p.
   GN289.C55 1997

Daus, Carol. Past imperfect : how tracing your family medical history can save your life. Santa Monica, CA, Santa Monica Press, c1999. 240 p.
   RB155.D35 1999
   Foreword by Jeanne Homer

Emery, Alan E. H. and Sue Malcolm. An introduction to recombinant DNA in medicine. Chichester, Eng., New York, J. Wiley, c1995. 206 p.
   RB155.E525 1995

Emery and Rimoin's principles and practice of medical genetics. Edited by David L. Rimoin, J. Michael Connor, Reed E. Pyeritz. New York, Churchill Livingstone, c1997. 2 v.
   RB155.E53 1997
   Foreword by Victor A. McKusick.

Engineering the human germline : an exploration of the science and ethics of altering the genes we pass to our children. Edited by Gregory Stock and John Campbell. New York, Oxford University Press, 2000. 169 p.
   RB155.E56 1999

Essays on cytogenetical research : Prof. P.N. Mehra commemorative volume. Edited by R.C. Sobti and G. Obe. Delhi, Narendra Pub. House, 1997. 338 p.
   QH441.5.E87 1997

Friedman, J. M. and others. Genetics. Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins, c1996. 294 p.
   RB155.G3874 1996

Gelehrter, Thomas D., Francis S. Collins and David Ginsburg. Principles of medical genetics. Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins, c1998. 410 p.
   [RB155.G358 1998]

Genes, ethnicity, and ageing. Edited by Lincoln H. Schmitt, Leonard Freedman, Rayma Pervan. Nedlands, Australia, Centre for Human Biology, University of Western Australia ; Singapore, River Edge, NJ, World Scientific, c1995. 100 p.
   QH455.G45 1995

Genetic polymorphisms and susceptibility to disease. Edited by M. S. Miller and M. T. Cronin. New York, Taylor & Francis, 2000. 266 p.
   RB155.G38715 2000

International Society of Nurses in Genetics. Statement on the scope and standards of genetics nursing practice. Washington, American Nurses Pub., c1998. 37 p.
   RB155.I557 1998

Jorde, Lynn B., John C. Carey and Raymond L. White. Medical genetics. St. Louis, Mosby, 1996. p.
   RB155.J67 1996

Krause, Carol. How healthy is your family tree? : a complete guide to tracing your family's medical and behavioral tree. New York, Simon & Schuster, c1995. 167 p.
   RB155.K69 1995
   Foreword by Leo Lagasse.

Lashley, Felissa R. Clinical genetics in nursing practice. New York, Springer, c1998. 543 p.
   RB155.L37 1998

Lea, Dale Halsey, Jean F. Jenkins and Clair A. Francomano. Genetics in clinical practice : new directions for nursing and health care. Boston, Jones and Bartlett, 1998. p.
   RB155.L382 1998

Maroni, Gustavo. Molecular and genetic analysis of human traits. Malden, MA, Blackwell Science, 2000. 274 p.
   QH431.M3226 2000

Medical cytogenetics. Edited by Hon Fong L. Mark. New York, Marcel Dekker, c2000. 680 p.
   RB155.M375 2000

The metabolic and molecular bases of inherited disease. Edited by Charles R. Scriver, John B. Stanbury, James B. Wyngaarden, Donald G. Fredrickson. New York, McGraw-Hill, Health Professions Division, c1995. 3 v.
   RC627.8.M47 1995

Molecular genetics in diagnosis and research. Edited by Robert W. Allen and James P. AuBuchon. Bethesda, MD, American Association of Blood Banks, 1995. 161 p.
   RB155.M628 1995

Mueller, Robert F. and Ian D. Young. Emery's elements of medical genetics. New York, Churchill Livingstone, 1998. p.
   RB155.E5 1998
   Foreword by Alan E.H. Emery.
   Illustrated by Anna Durbin.

Nelson-Anderson, Danette L. and Cynthia V. Waters. Genetic connections : a guide to documenting your individual and family health history. Washington, MO, Sonters Pub., c1995. 301 p.
   RB155.N45 1995

Ostrer, Harry. Non-mendelian genetics in humans. New York, Oxford University Press, 1998. 202 p.
   QH431.O796 1998

Principles of molecular medicine. Edited by J. Larry Jameson. Totowa, NJ, Humana Press, c1998. 1123 p.
   RB155.P695 1998
   Foreword by Francis S. Collins.

Raskó, István and C. Stephen Downes. Genes in medicine : molecular biology and human genetic disorders. London, New York, Chapman & Hall, 1995. 419 p.
   RB155.R26 1995

Rose, Peter W. and Anneke Lucassen Practical genetics and primary care. Oxford, Eng., New York, Oxford University Press, c1999. 371 p.
   RB155.R76 1999

Ross, D. W. Introduction to molecular medicine. New York, Springer, c1996. 178 p.
   RB155.R78 1996

Sack, George H. Medical genetics. New York, McGraw-Hill, Health Professions Division, c1999. 286 p.
   RB155.S23 1999

Schumm, Dorothy E. Core concepts in clinical molecular biology. Philadelphia, Lippincott-Raven, c1997. 74 p.
   RB155.S317 1997

Textbook of molecular medicine. Edited by J. Larry Jameson. Malden, MA, Blackwell Scientific, c1997. p.
   RB155.T482 1997

Trent, R. J. Molecular medicine : an introductory text. Edinburgh, New York, Churchill Livingstone, 1997. 239 p.
   RB155.T73 1997

Watson, James D. A passion for DNA ; genes, genomes, and society. Cold Spring Harbor, NY, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2000. 250 p.
   QH438.W38 2000
   With an introduction, afterword, and annotations by Walter B. Gratzer.

Williams, Janet K. Genetic issues for perinatal nurses. Edited by Lynn G. Wellman, Karla Damus, Margaret Comerford Freda. White Plains, NY, Education & Health Promotion Dept., March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, c1996. p.
   RB155.W526 1996

Wilson, Golder. Clinical genetics : a short course. New York, Wiley-Liss, c2000. 477 p.
   RB155.W552 2000

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