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Medical and Health Policy

Aldridge, Susan. The thread of life : the story of genes and genetic engineering. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 1996. 258 p.
   QH442.A43 1996

Anderson, Walt. Evolution isn't what it used to be : the augmented animal and the whole wired world . New York, W.H. Freeman, c1996. 223 p.
   GN281.4.A53 1996

Beaglehole, R. and Ruth Bonita. Public health at the crossroads : achievements and prospects. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 1997. 243 p.
   RA441.B43 1997

Beyond consent : seeking justice in research. Edited by Jeffrey P. Kahn, Anna C. Mastroianni, Jeremy Sugarman. New York, Oxford University Press, 1998. 190 p.
   R853.H8B49 1998

Biotechnology : science, engineering, and ethical challenges for the twenty-first century. Edited by Frederick B. Rudolph and Larry V. McIntire. Washington, Joseph Henry Press, 1996. 278 p.
   TP248.2.B574 1996

Blank, Robert H. Biomedical policy. Chicago, Nelson-Hall Publishers, c1995. 230 p.
   RA418.5.M4B58 1995

Davis, Peter. Managing medicines : public policy and therapeutic drugs. Buckingham, Philadelphia, Open University Press, 1997. (State of health series) 178 p.
   RA401.A1D38 1997

Downie, Susan. Babymaking : the technology and ethics. London, Bodley Head, 1988. 398 p.
   QP251.D69 1988

Dutton, Diana Barbara with contributions by Thomas A. Preston and Nancy E. Pfund. Worse than the disease : pitfalls of medical progress. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 1988. 528 p.
   RA418.5.M4D88 1988

Eddy, David M. Clinical decision making : from theory to practice : a collection of essays from JAMA. Boston, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, c1996. 355 p.
   R723.5.E33 1996

Engineered organisms in environmental settings : biotechnological and agricultural applications. Edited by Morris A. Levin and Eitan Israeli. Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press, c1996. 201 p.
   QH442.6.E54 1996

Enhancing human traits : ethical and social implications. Edited by Erik Parens. Washington, Georgetown University Press, 1998. (Hastings Center studies in ethics) 258 p.
   RA418.5.M4E54 1998

Genetics and insurance. Edited by T. McGleenan, U. Wiesing, F. Ewald. Oxford, Eng., Bios Scientific Publishers ; New York, Springer, 1999. 127 p.
   RB155.65.M38 1999

Health policy and technological innovation. Edited by J. Newsom-Davis and D.J. Weatherall. London, New York, Published by Chapman & Hall Medical for the Royal Society, 1994. (Technology in the third millennium ; 4) 178 p.
   R855.2.H45 1994

Issues in health policy : selections from the CQ researcher. Washington, CQ Press, 2001. 239 p.
   RA395.A3I864 2001

Lambert, Mark. Medicine in the future. New York, Bookwright Press, 1986. (Tomorrow's world) 48 p.
   RA418.5.M4L36 1986

Living and working with the new medical technologies : intersections of inquiry. Edited by Margaret Lock, Alan [sic] Young, Alberto Cambrosio. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 2000. (Cambridge studies in medical anthropology ; 8) 295 p.
   R855.3.L58 2000

Medicine and change : historical and sociological studies of medical innovation = L'innovation en médecine : études historiques et sociologiques. Edited by Ilana Löwy and others. Montrouge, France, John Libbey Eurotext ; Paris, Inserm, c1993. (Colloque INSERM, 0768-3154 ; v. 220) 470 p.
   R855.3.M44 1992

Nanofabrication and biosystems : integrating materials science, engineering, and biology. Edited by Harvey C. Hoch, Lynn W. Jelinski, Harold G. Craighead. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 1996. 423 p.
   TP248.2.N36 1996

New directions in health care policy. Paris, France : Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development ; Washington, OECD Publications and Information Center [distributor], c1995. (Health policy studies ; no. 7) 95 p.
   RA394.N49 1995

Podolsky, M. Lawrence. Cures out of chaos : how unexpected discoveries led to breakthroughs in medicine and health. Amsterdam, Harwood Academic Publishers, c1997. 430 p.
   R133.P535 1997
   Foreword by Daniel E. Koshland Jr.

Schacter, Bernice Zeldin. Issues and dilemmas of biotechnology : a reference guide. Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 1999. 205 p.
   TP248.2.S33 1999

Schwartz, William B. Life without disease : the pursuit of medical utopia. Berkeley, University of California Press, [1998]. 178 p.
   RA418.5.M4S39 1998

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   February 24, 2017
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