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Astronomy, Math, Physics

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CCD Imager for Keck Telescope, TEID, Berkeley Lab

Archaeoastronomy - Science Tracer Bullet

Astronomy - Selected Internet Resources

Astronomy for Schools, Selected Teaching Aids - Science Reference Guide

Astronomy and Astrophysics - Science Tracer Bullet

Battle of the Centuries: A List of References - Cites pamphlets and articles about the turn of the centuries, both recent and past.

Exotic Earths: Progress Towards the Discovery of Inhabited Exoplanets - Webcast of a presentation by Avi Mandell, research scientist in the Planetary Systems Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Extraterrestrial Life - Science Tracer Bullet

From the Manhattan Project to Chernobyl: A Guide to Exhibited Materials - Selected Internet Resources

Galileo: 400 Years of the Telescope - A Webcast of a presentation by Dr. Michelle Thaller, NASA, on the real Galileo, his intriguing daughter Virginia, and the personalities and politics that led to his imprisonment.

Hubble: A New Beginning - A Webcast of a presentation by Dave Leckrone, astrophysicist with the NASA Hubble Space Program.

Introductory Physics - Science Tracer Bullet

Meteor Showers - Selected Internet Resources

The Many Colors of the Sun - A Webcast of a presentation by W. Dean Pesnell of the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory on new observations and views of solar phenomena.

Mars Update - A Webcast of a presentation by James Garvin, NASA, on recent research and plans for Mars exploration.

Nuclear Weapons -- Science Tracer Bullet

The Origins of Life & the Universe: A Guide to Selected Resources - Science Reference Guide

"Origins of Life in the Universe" -- Curator's Choice - Science Reference Guide

Particle Physics & the Higgs Boson - Science Reference Guide

Physics - Selected Internet Resources

Shedding Light on Dark Matter -- A Webcast of a presentation by Richard Mushotzky, award winning astronomy professor at the University of Maryland.

Space Science Projects - Science Tracer Bullet

Statistics: Sources in the Sciences - Science Reference Guide

Superconductivity - Science Tracer Bullet

Superstring Theory: A Brief Bibliography - Science Reference Guide

Time - Science Tracer Bullet

Women in Astronomy: A Comprehensive Bibliography - Bibliography

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   September 23, 2013
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