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Technical Reports and Standards

Technical Reports and Standards

MCEER/NCEER Technical Reports List, 1998- and special reports:

1987 - 1997 Reports List

MCEER-98-0001   “Extraction of Nonlinear Hysteretic Properties of Seismically Isolated Bridges from Quick-Release Field Tests,” by Q. Chen, B.M. Douglas, E.M. Maragakis and I.G. Buckle, 5/26/98, (PB99-118838, A06, MF- A01).

MCEER-98-0002   “Methodologies for Evaluating the Importance of Highway Bridges,” by A. Thomas, S. Eshenaur and J. Kulicki, 5/29/98, (PB99-118846, A10, MF-A02).

MCEER-98-0003   “Capacity Design of Bridge Piers and the Analysis of Overstrength,” by J.B. Mander, A. Dutta and P. Goel, 6/1/98, (PB99-118853, A09, MF-A02).

MCEER-98-0004   “Evaluation of Bridge Damage Data from the Loma Prieta and Northridge, California Earthquakes,” by N. Basoz and A. Kiremidjian, 6/2/98, (PB99-118861, A15, MF-A03).

MCEER-98-0005   “Screening Guide for Rapid Assessment of Liquefaction Hazard at Highway Bridge Sites,” by T. L. Youd, 6/16/98, (PB99-118879, A06, not available on microfiche).

MCEER-98-0006   “Structural Steel and Steel/Concrete Interface Details for Bridges,” by P. Ritchie, N. Kauhl and J. Kulicki, 7/13/98, (PB99-118945, A06, MF-A01).

MCEER-98-0007   “Capacity Design and Fatigue Analysis of Confined Concrete Columns,” by A. Dutta and J.B. Mander, 7/14/98, (PB99-118960, A14, MF-A03).

MCEER-98-0008   “Proceedings of the Workshop on Performance Criteria for Telecommunication Services Under Earthquake Conditions,” edited by A.J. Schiff, 7/15/98, (PB99-118952, A08, MF-A02).

MCEER-98-0009   “Fatigue Analysis of Unconfined Concrete Columns,” by J.B. Mander, A. Dutta and J.H. Kim, 9/12/98, (PB99-123655, A10, MF-A02).

MCEER-98-0010   “Centrifuge Modeling of Cyclic Lateral Response of Pile-Cap Systems and Seat-Type Abutments in Dry Sands,” by A.D. Gadre and R. Dobry, 10/2/98, (PB99-123606, A13, MF-A03).

MCEER-98-0011   “IDARC-BRIDGE: A Computational Platform for Seismic Damage Assessment of Bridge Structures,” by A.M. Reinhorn, V. Simeonov, G. Mylonakis and Y. Reichman, 10/2/98, (PB99-162919, A15, MF-A03).

MCEER-98-0012   “Experimental Investigation of the Dynamic Response of Two Bridges Before and After Retrofitting with Elastomeric Bearings,” by D.A. Wendichansky, S.S. Chen and J.B. Mander, 10/2/98, (PB99-162927, A15, MF-A03).

MCEER-98-0013   “Design Procedures for Hinge Restrainers and Hinge Sear Width for Multiple-Frame Bridges,” by R. Des Roches and G.L. Fenves, 11/3/98, (PB99-140477, A13, MF-A03).

MCEER-98-0014   “Response Modification Factors for Seismically Isolated Bridges,” by M.C. Constantinou and J.K. Quarshie, 11/3/98, (PB99-140485, A14, MF-A03).

MCEER-98-0015   “Proceedings of the U.S.-Italy Workshop on Seismic Protective Systems for Bridges,” edited by I.M. Friedland and M.C. Constantinou, 11/3/98, (PB2000-101711, A22, MF-A04).

MCEER-98-0016   “Appropriate Seismic Reliability for Critical Equipment Systems: Recommendations Based on Regional Analysis of Financial and Life Loss,” by K. Porter, C. Scawthorn, C. Taylor and N. Blais, 11/10/98, (PB99-157265, A08, MF-A02).

Earth literally split underfoot during the series of earthquakes which shook Fukui and nearby towns on Honshu Island, Japan June 28, 1948

MCEER-98-0017   “Proceedings of the U.S. Japan Joint Seminar on Civil Infrastructure Systems Research,” edited by M. Shinozuka and A. Rose, 11/12/98, (PB99-156713, A16, MF-A03).

MCEER-98-0018   “Modeling of Pile Footings and Drilled Shafts for Seismic Design,” by I. PoLam, M. Kapuskar and D. Chaudhuri, 12/21/98, (PB99-157257, A09, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0001   "Seismic Evaluation of a Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frame by Pseudodynamic Testing," by S.G. Buonopane and R.N. White, 2/16/99, (PB99-162851, A09, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0002   "Response History Analysis of Structures with Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation Systems: Verification Examples for Program SAP2000," by J. Scheller and M.C. Constantinou, 2/22/99, (PB99-162869, A08, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0003   "Experimental Study on the Seismic Design and Retrofit of Bridge Columns Including Axial Load Effects," by A. Dutta, T. Kokorina and J.B. Mander, 2/22/99, (PB99-162877, A09, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0004   "Experimental Study of Bridge Elastomeric and Other Isolation and Energy Dissipation Systems with Emphasis on Uplift Prevention and High Velocity Near-source Seismic Excitation," by A. Kasalanati and M. C. Constantinou, 2/26/99, (PB99-162885, A12, MF-A03).

MCEER-99-0005   "Truss Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Shear-flexure Behavior," by J.H. Kim and J.B. Mander, 3/8/99, (PB99-163693, A12, MF-A03).

MCEER-99-0006   "Experimental Investigation and Computational Modeling of Seismic Response of a 1:4 Scale Model Steel Structure with a Load Balancing Supplemental Damping System," by G. Pekcan, J.B. Mander and S.S. Chen, 4/2/99, (PB99-162893, A11, MF-A03).

MCEER-99-0007   "Effect of Vertical Ground Motions on the Structural Response of Highway Bridges," by M.R. Button, C.J. Cronin and R.L. Mayes, 4/10/99, (PB2000-101411, A10, MF-A03).

MCEER-99-0008   "Seismic Reliability Assessment of Critical Facilities: A Handbook, Supporting Documentation, and Model Code Provisions," by G.S. Johnson, R.E. Sheppard, M.D. Quilici, S.J. Eder and C.R. Scawthorn, 4/12/99, (PB2000-101701, A18, MF-A04).

MCEER-99-0009   "Impact Assessment of Selected MCEER Highway Project Research on the Seismic Design of Highway Structures," by C. Rojahn, R. Mayes, D.G. Anderson, J.H. Clark, D'Appolonia Engineering, S. Gloyd and R.V. Nutt, 4/14/99, (PB99-162901, A10, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0010   "Site Factors and Site Categories in Seismic Codes," by R. Dobry, R. Ramos and M.S. Power, 7/19/99, (PB2000-101705, A08, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0011   "Restrainer Design Procedures for Multi-Span Simply-Supported Bridges," by M.J. Randall, M. Saiidi, E. Maragakis and T. Isakovic, 7/20/99, (PB2000-101702, A10, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0012   "Property Modification Factors for Seismic Isolation Bearings," by M.C. Constantinou, P. Tsopelas, A. Kasalanati and E. Wolff, 7/20/99, (PB2000-103387, A11, MF-A03).

MCEER-99-0013   "Critical Seismic Issues for Existing Steel Bridges," by P. Ritchie, N. Kauhl and J. Kulicki, 7/20/99, (PB2000-101697, A09, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0014   "Nonstructural Damage Database," by A. Kao, T.T. Soong and A. Vender, 7/24/99, (PB2000-101407, A06, MF-A01).

MCEER-99-0015   "Guide to Remedial Measures for Liquefaction Mitigation at Existing Highway Bridge Sites," by H.G. Cooke and J. K. Mitchell, 7/26/99, (PB2000-101703, A11, MF-A03).

MCEER-99-0016   "Proceedings of the MCEER Workshop on Ground Motion Methodologies for the Eastern United States," edited by N. Abrahamson and A. Becker, 8/11/99, (PB2000-103385, A07, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0017   "Quindío, Colombia Earthquake of January 25, 1999: Reconnaissance Report," by A.P. Asfura and P.J. Flores, 10/4/99, (PB2000-106893, A06, MF-A01).

MCEER-99-0018   "Hysteretic Models for Cyclic Behavior of Deteriorating Inelastic Structures," by M.V. Sivaselvan and A.M. Reinhorn, 11/5/99, (PB2000-103386, A08, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0019   "Proceedings of the 7th U.S.- Japan Workshop on Earthquake Resistant Design of Lifeline Facilities and Countermeasures Against Soil Liquefaction," edited by T.D. O'Rourke, J.P. Bardet and M. Hamada, 11/19/99, (PB2000-103354, A99, MF-A06).

MCEER-99-0020   "Development of Measurement Capability for Micro-Vibration Evaluations with Application to Chip Fabrication Facilities," by G.C. Lee, Z. Liang, J.W. Song, J.D. Shen and W.C. Liu, 12/1/99, (PB2000-105993, A08, MF-A02).

MCEER-99-0021   "Design and Retrofit Methodology for Building Structures with Supplemental Energy Dissipating Systems," by G. Pekcan, J.B. Mander and S.S. Chen, 12/31/99, (PB2000-105994, A11, MF-A03).

MCEER-00-0001   "The Marmara, Turkey Earthquake of August 17, 1999: Reconnaissance Report," edited by C. Scawthorn; with major contributions by M. Bruneau, R. Eguchi, T. Holzer, G. Johnson, J. Mander, J. Mitchell, W. Mitchell, A. Papageorgiou, C. Scaethorn, and G. Webb, 3/23/00, (PB2000-106200, A11, MF-A03).

MCEER-00-0002   "Proceedings of the MCEER Workshop for Seismic Hazard Mitigation of Health Care Facilities," edited by G.C. Lee, M. Ettouney, M. Grigoriu, J. Hauer and J. Nigg, 3/29/00, (PB2000-106892, A08, MF-A02).

MCEER-00-0003   "The Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake of September 21, 1999: Reconnaissance Report," edited by G.C. Lee and C.H. Loh, with major contributions by G.C. Lee, M. Bruneau, I.G. Buckle, S.E. Chang, P.J. Flores, T.D. O'Rourke, M. Shinozuka, T.T. Soong, C-H. Loh, K-C. Chang, Z-J. Chen, J-S. Hwang, M-L. Lin, G-Y. Liu, K-C. Tsai, G.C. Yao and C-L. Yen, 4/30/00, (PB2001-100980, A10, MF-A02).

MCEER-00-0004   "Seismic Retrofit of End-Sway Frames of Steel Deck-Truss Bridges with a Supplemental Tendon System: Experimental and Analytical Investigation," by G. Pekcan, J.B. Mander and S.S. Chen, 7/1/00, (PB2001-100982, A10, MF-A02).

MCEER-00-0005   "Sliding Fragility of Unrestrained Equipment in Critical Facilities," by W.H. Chong and T.T. Soong, 7/5/00, (PB2001-100983, A08, MF-A02).

MCEER-00-0006   "Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Pier Walls in the Weak Direction," by N. Abo-Shadi, M. Saiidi and D. Sanders, 7/17/00, (PB2001-100981, A17, MF-A03).

MCEER-00-0007   "Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Longitudinal Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns," by J. Brown and S.K. Kunnath, 7/23/00, (PB2001-104392, A08, MF-A02).

MCEER-00-0008   "Soil Structure Interaction of Bridges for Seismic Analysis," I. PoLam and H. Law, 9/25/00, (PB2001-105397, A08, MF-A02).

MCEER-00-0009   "Proceedings of the First MCEER Workshop on Mitigation of Earthquake Disaster by Advanced Technologies (MEDAT-1), edited by M. Shinozuka, D.J. Inman and T.D. O'Rourke, 11/10/00, (PB2001-105399, A14, MF-A03).

MCEER-00-0010   "Development and Evaluation of Simplified Procedures for Analysis and Design of Buildings with Passive Energy Dissipation Systems, Revision 01," by O.M. Ramirez, M.C. Constantinou, C.A. Kircher, A.S. Whittaker, M.W. Johnson, J.D. Gomez and C. Chrysostomou, 11/16/01, (PB2001-105523, A23, MF-A04).

MCEER-00-0011   "Dynamic Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction Analyses of Large Caissons," by C-Y. Chang, C-M. Mok, Z-L. Wang, R. Settgast, F. Waggoner, M.A. Ketchum, H.M. Gonnermann and C-C. Chin, 12/30/00, (PB2001-104373, A07, MF-A02).

MCEER-00-0012   "Experimental Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Bridge Restrainers," by A.G. Vlassis, E.M. Maragakis and M. Saiid Saiidi, 12/30/00, (PB2001-104354, A09, MF-A02).

MCEER-00-0013   "Effect of Spatial Variation of Ground Motion on Highway Structures," by M. Shinozuka, V. Saxena and G. Deodatis, 12/31/00, (PB2001-108755, A13, MF-A03).

MCEER-00-0014   "A Risk-Based Methodology for Assessing the Seismic Performance of Highway Systems," by S.D. Werner, C.E. Taylor, J.E. Moore, II, J.S. Walton and S. Cho, 12/31/00, (PB2001-108756, A14, MF-A03).

MCEER-01-0001   “Experimental Investigation of P-Delta Effects to Collapse During Earthquakes,” by D. Vian and M. Bruneau, 6/25/01, (PB2002-100534, A17, MF-A03).

MCEER-01-0002   “Proceedings of the Second MCEER Workshop on Mitigation of Earthquake Disaster by Advanced Technologies (MEDAT-2),” edited by M. Bruneau and D.J. Inman, 7/23/01, (PB2002-100434, A16, MF-A03).

MCEER-01-0003   “Sensitivity Analysis of Dynamic Systems Subjected to Seismic Loads,” by C. Roth and M. Grigoriu, 9/18/01, (PB2003-100884, A12, MF-A03).

UN poster with instructional sheet showing how earthquakes happen, and the effects of the Guatemala earthquake of February 4, 1976.

MCEER-01-0004   “Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Policies: Stage 1 Report,” by D.J. Alesch and W.J. Petak, 12/17/01, (PB2002-107949, A07, MF-A02).

MCEER-01-0005   “Updating Real-Time Earthquake Loss Estimates: Methods, Problems and Insights,” by C.E. Taylor, S.E. Chang and R.T. Eguchi, 12/17/01, (PB2002-107948, A05, MF-A01).

MCEER-01-0006   “Experimental Investigation and Retrofit of Steel Pile Foundations and Pile Bents Under Cyclic Lateral Loadings,” by A. Shama, J. Mander, B. Blabac and S. Chen, 12/31/01, (PB2002-107950, A13, MF-A03).

MCEER-02-0001   “Assessment of Performance of Bolu Viaduct in the 1999 Duzce Earthquake in Turkey” by P.C. Roussis, M.C. Constantinou, M. Erdik, E. Durukal and M. Dicleli, 5/8/02, (PB2003-100883, A08, MF-A02).

MCEER-02-0002   “Seismic Behavior of Rail Counterweight Systems of Elevators in Buildings,” by M.P. Singh, Rildova and L.E. Suarez, 5/27/02. (PB2003-100882, A11, MF-A03).

MCEER-02-0003   “Development of Analysis and Design Procedures for Spread Footings,” by G. Mylonakis, G. Gazetas, S. Nikolaou and A. Chauncey, 10/02/02, (PB2004-101636, A13, MF-A03, CD-A13).

MCEER-02-0004   “Bare-Earth Algorithms for Use with SAR and LIDAR Digital Elevation Models,” by C.K. Huyck, R.T. Eguchi and B. Houshmand, 10/16/02, (PB2004-101637, A07, CD-A07).

MCEER-02-0005   “Review of Energy Dissipation of Compression Members in Concentrically Braced Frames,” by K.Lee and M. Bruneau, 10/18/02, (PB2004-101638, A10, CD-A10).

MCEER-03-0001   “Experimental Investigation of Light-Gauge Steel Plate Shear Walls for the Seismic Retrofit of Buildings” by J. Berman and M. Bruneau, 5/2/03, (PB2004-101622, A10, MF-A03, CD-A10).
MCEER-03-0002   “Statistical Analysis of Fragility Curves,” by M. Shinozuka, M.Q. Feng, H. Kim, T. Uzawa and T. Ueda, 6/16/03, (PB2004-101849, A09, CD-A09).

MCEER-03-0003   “Proceedings of the Eighth U.S.-Japan Workshop on Earthquake Resistant Design f Lifeline Facilities and Countermeasures Against Liquefaction,” edited by M. Hamada, J.P. Bardet and T.D. O’Rourke, 6/30/03, (PB2004-104386, A99, CD-A99).

MCEER-03-0004   “Proceedings of the PRC-US Workshop on Seismic Analysis and Design of Special Bridges,” edited by L.C. Fan and G.C. Lee, 7/15/03, (PB2004-104387, A14, CD-A14).

MCEER-03-0005   “Urban Disaster Recovery: A Framework and Simulation Model,” by S.B. Miles and S.E. Chang, 7/25/03, (PB2004-104388, A07, CD-A07).

MCEER-03-0006   “Behavior of Underground Piping Joints Due to Static and Dynamic Loading,” by R.D. Meis, M. Maragakis and R. Siddharthan, 11/17/03, (PB2005-102194, A13, MF-A03, CD-A00).

MCEER-04-0001   “Experimental Study of Seismic Isolation Systems with Emphasis on Secondary System Response and Verification of Accuracy of Dynamic Response History Analysis Methods,” by E. Wolff and M. Constantinou, 1/16/04 (PB2005-102195, A99, MF-E08, CD-A00).

MCEER-04-0002   “Tension, Compression and Cyclic Testing of Engineered Cementitious Composite Materials,” by K. Kesner and S.L. Billington, 3/1/04, (PB2005-102196, A08, CD-A08).

MCEER-04-0003   “Cyclic Testing of Braces Laterally Restrained by Steel Studs to Enhance Performance During Earthquakes,” by O.C. Celik, J.W. Berman and M. Bruneau, 3/16/04, (PB2005-102197, A13, MF-A03, CD-A00).

MCEER-04-0004   “Methodologies for Post Earthquake Building Damage Detection Using SAR and Optical Remote Sensing: Application to the August 17, 1999 Marmara, Turkey Earthquake,” by C.K. Huyck, B.J. Adams, S. Cho, R.T. Eguchi, B. Mansouri and B. Houshmand, 6/15/04, (PB2005-104888, A10, CD-A00).

MCEER-04-0005   “Nonlinear Structural Analysis Towards Collapse Simulation: A Dynamical Systems Approach,” by M.V. Sivaselvan and A.M. Reinhorn, 6/16/04, (PB2005-104889, A11, MF-A03, CD-A00).

MCEER-04-0006   “Proceedings of the Second PRC-US Workshop on Seismic Analysis and Design of Special Bridges,” edited by G.C. Lee and L.C. Fan, 6/25/04, (PB2005-104890, A16,  CD-A00).

MCEER-04-0007   “Seismic Vulnerability Evaluation of Axially Loaded Steel Built-up Laced Members,” by K. Lee and M. Bruneau, 6/30/04, (PB2005-104891, A16, CD-A00).

MCEER-04-0008   “Evaluation of Accuracy of Simplified Methods of Analysis and Design of Buildings with Damping Systems for Near-Fault and for Soft-Soil Seismic Motions,” by E.A. Pavlou and M.C. Constantinou, 8/16/04, (PB2005-104892, A08, MF-A02, CD-A00).

MCEER-04-0009   “Assessment of Geotechnical Issues in Acute Care Facilities in California,” by M. Lew, T.D. O’Rourke, R. Dobry and M. Koch, 9/15/04, (PB2005-104893, A08, CD-A00).

MCEER-04-0010   “Scissor-Jack-Damper Energy Dissipation System,” by A.N. Sigaher-Boyle and M.C. Constantinou, 12/1/04 (PB2005-108221).

MCEER-04-0011   “Seismic Retrofit of Bridge Steel Truss Piers Using a Controlled Rocking Approach,” by M. Pollino and M. Bruneau, 12/20/04 (PB2006-105795).

MCEER-05-0001   “Experimental and Analytical Studies of Structures Seismically Isolated with an Uplift-Restraint Isolation System,” by P.C. Roussis and M.C. Constantinou, 1/10/05 (PB2005-108222).

MCEER-05-0002   “A Versatile Experimentation Model for Study of Structures Near Collapse Applied to Seismic Evaluation of Irregular Structures,” by D. Kusumastuti, A.M. Reinhorn and A. Rutenberg, 3/31/05 (PB2006-101523).

MCEER-05-0003   “Proceedings of the Third PRC-US Workshop on Seismic Analysis and Design of Special Bridges,” edited by L.C. Fan and G.C. Lee, 4/20/05, (PB2006-105796).

MCEER-05-0004   “Approaches for the Seismic Retrofit of Braced Steel Bridge Piers and Proof-of-Concept Testing of an Eccentrically Braced Frame with Tubular Link,” by J.W. Berman and M. Bruneau, 4/21/05 (PB2006-101524).

MCEER-05-0005   “Simulation of Strong Ground Motions for Seismic Fragility Evaluation of Nonstructural Components in Hospitals,” by A. Wanitkorkul and A. Filiatrault, 5/26/05 (PB2006-500027).

MCEER-05-0006   “Seismic Safety in California Hospitals: Assessing an Attempt to Accelerate the Replacement or Seismic Retrofit of Older Hospital Facilities,” by D.J. Alesch, L.A. Arendt and W.J. Petak, 6/6/05 (PB2006-105794).

MCEER-05-0007   “Development of Seismic Strengthening and Retrofit Strategies for Critical Facilities Using Engineered Cementitious Composite Materials,” by K. Kesner and S.L. Billington, 8/29/05 (PB2006-111701).

MCEER-05-0008   “Experimental and Analytical Studies of Base Isolation Systems for Seismic Protection of Power Transformers,” by N. Murota, M.Q. Feng and G-Y. Liu, 9/30/05 (PB2006-111702).

MCEER-05-0009   “3D-BASIS-ME-MB: Computer Program for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Seismically Isolated Structures,” by P.C. Tsopelas, P.C. Roussis, M.C. Constantinou, R. Buchanan and A.M. Reinhorn, 10/3/05 (PB2006-111703).

MCEER-05-0010   “Steel Plate Shear Walls for Seismic Design and Retrofit of Building Structures,” by D. Vian and M. Bruneau, 12/15/05 (PB2006-111704).

MCEER-05-0011   “The Performance-Based Design Paradigm,” by M.J. Astrella and A. Whittaker, 12/15/05 (PB2006-111705).

MCEER-06-0001   “Seismic Fragility of Suspended Ceiling Systems,” H. Badillo-Almaraz, A.S. Whittaker, A.M. Reinhorn and G.P. Cimellaro, 2/4/06 (PB2006-111706).

MCEER-06-0002   “Multi-Dimensional Fragility of Structures,” by G.P. Cimellaro, A.M. Reinhorn and M. Bruneau, 3/1/06 (PB2007-106974, A09, MF-A02, CD A00).

MCEER-06-0003   “Built-Up Shear Links as Energy Dissipators for Seismic Protection of Bridges,” by P. Dusicka, A.M. Itani and I.G. Buckle, 3/15/06 (PB2006-111708).

MCEER-06-0004   “Analytical Investigation of the Structural Fuse Concept,” by R.E. Vargas and M. Bruneau, 3/16/06 (PB2006-111709).

MCEER-06-0005   “Experimental Investigation of the Structural Fuse Concept,” by R.E. Vargas and M. Bruneau, 3/17/06 (PB2006-111710).

MCEER-06-0006   “Further Development of Tubular Eccentrically Braced Frame Links for the Seismic Retrofit of Braced Steel Truss Bridge Piers,” by J.W. Berman and M. Bruneau, 3/27/06 (PB2007-105147).

MCEER-06-0007   “REDARS Validation Report,” by S. Cho, C.K. Huyck, S. Ghosh and R.T. Eguchi, 8/8/06 (PB2007-106983).

MCEER-06-0008   “Review of Current NDE Technologies for Post-Earthquake Assessment of Retrofitted Bridge Columns,” by J.W. Song, Z. Liang and G.C. Lee, 8/21/06 (PB2007-106984).

MCEER-06-0009   “Liquefaction Remediation in Silty Soils Using Dynamic Compaction and Stone Columns,” by S. Thevanayagam, G.R. Martin, R. Nashed, T. Shenthan, T. Kanagalingam and N. Ecemis, 8/28/06 (PB2007-106985).

MCEER-06-0010   “Conceptual Design and Experimental Investigation of Polymer Matrix Composite Infill Panels for Seismic Retrofitting,” by W. Jung, M. Chiewanichakorn and A.J. Aref, 9/21/06 (PB2007-106986).

MCEER-06-0011   “A Study of the Coupled Horizontal-Vertical Behavior of Elastomeric and Lead-Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearings,” by G.P. Warn and A.S. Whittaker, 9/22/06 (PB2007-108679).

MCEER-06-0012   “Proceedings of the Fourth PRC-US Workshop on Seismic Analysis and Design of Special Bridges: Advancing Bridge Technologies in Research, Design, Construction and Preservation,” Edited by L.C. Fan, G.C. Lee and L. Ziang, 10/12/06 (PB2007-109042).

MCEER-06-0013   “Cyclic Response and Low Cycle Fatigue Characteristics of Plate Steels,” by P. Dusicka, A.M. Itani and I.G. Buckle, 11/1/06 06 (PB2007-106987).

MCEER-06-0014   “Proceedings of the Second US-Taiwan Bridge Engineering Workshop,” edited by W.P. Yen, J. Shen, J-Y. Chen and M. Wang, 11/15/06 (PB2008-500041).

MCEER-06-0015   “User Manual and Technical Documentation for the REDARSTM Import Wizard,” by S. Cho, S. Ghosh, C.K. Huyck and S.D. Werner, 11/30/06 (PB2007-114766).

MCEER-06-0016   “Hazard Mitigation Strategy and Monitoring Technologies for Urban and Infrastructure Public Buildings: Proceedings of the China-US Workshops,” edited by X.Y. Zhou, A.L. Zhang, G.C. Lee and M. Tong, 12/12/06 (PB2008-500018).

MCEER-07-0001   “Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction for Rigid Blocks,” by C. Kafali, S. Fathali, M. Grigoriu and A.S. Whittaker, 3/20/07 (PB2007-114767).

MCEER-07-0002   “Hazard Mitigation Investment Decision Making: Organizational Response to Legislative Mandate,” by L.A. Arendt, D.J. Alesch and W.J. Petak, 4/9/07 (PB2007-114768).

MCEER-07-0003   “Seismic Behavior of Bidirectional-Resistant Ductile End Diaphragms with Unbonded Braces in Straight or Skewed Steel Bridges,” by O. Celik and M. Bruneau, 4/11/07 (PB2008-105141).

MCEER-07-0004   “Modeling Pile Behavior in Large Pile Groups Under Lateral Loading,” by A.M. Dodds and G.R. Martin, 4/16/07(PB2008-105142).

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“Seismic Retrofitting Manual for Highway Structures: Part 1 - Bridges,” by Ian G. Buckle (Coordinating Author), Ian Friedland, John Mander, Geoffrey Martin, Richard Nutt and Maurice Power and “Part 2 – Retaining Structures, Slopes, Tunnels, Culverts and Roadways,” by Maurice Power (Coordinating Author), Kenneth Fishman, Faiz Makdisi, Samuel Musser, Rowland Richards and T. Leslie Youd, 4/14/08.


Collection and Preliminary Analysis of Aerial and In-Field Building Damage Information in the Aftermath of the 2007 California Wildfires by A. McMillan, B.J. Adams, S. Ghosh and C.K. Huyck, 4/30/08.


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United States Copyright restrictions prevent copying entire copyrighted documents. However, the fair use provision does permit reproduction of relevant portions (small parts) of these documents. Photocopiers, microform reader/printers and computer terminals are available for patron use in the Science Reading Room. TRS materials are non-circulating and are not to leave the Science Reading Room area. Patrons may also contact the Library of Congress Duplication Services, a fee-for-service program responsible for copying and duplicating the Library's collections. Restrictions on availability for duplication are based on physical conditions of the materials, copyright limitations, and legal restrictions imposed on particular collections.

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