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Women in Astronomy: A Comprehensive Bibliography

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Hoffleit, Dorrit. Women in the history of variable star astronomy. Cambridge, Mass., American Association of Variable Star Observers [1993] 62 p. illus., ports.
   QB34.5.H64 1993
   References (155): p. 55-60.

Hogg, Helen Sawyer. Shapley's era. In Harlow Shapley Symposium on Globular Cluster Systems in Galaxies, Cambridge, Mass., 1986. The Harlow-Shapley Symposium on globular cluster systems in galaxies. Proceedings of the 126th symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A., August 25-29, 1986. Edited by Jonathan E. Grindlay and A. G. Davis Philip. Dordrecht, Boston, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988. p. 11-22. illus., ports.
   QB853.H37 1986
   References (4): p. 22.
   The author's reminiscences include brief mention of Adelaide Ames, Annie J. Cannon, Florence Cushman, Lillian Hodgdon, Cecilia Payne, Margaret Walton, Emma T. R. Williams, and Anne Young.

Homann, Hans. Der Anteil der Frauen an der Himmelsforschung. Das Weltall, 1. Jahrg., 1.-15. Okt. 1900: 7-9, 15-18.
   QB1.W4, v. 1

Hubrig, Swetlana. Die Situation der Frau als Astronomin im Osten Deutschlands. Sterne und Weltraum, 32. Jahrg., Juni 1993: 418.
   QB1.S854, v. 32

Hunter, Deidre A., and Vera C. Rubin. Women worldwide in astronomy. Mercury, v. 21, Jan./Feb. 1992: 32-34. ports.
   QB1.M43, v. 21

Irvine, John, and Ben Martin. Women in radio astronomy–shooting stars? In Perspectives on gender and science. Edited by Jan Harding. London, New York, Falmer Press, 1986. p. 80-102.
   Q130.P47 1986
   Bibliography: p. 101-102.

Isaksson, Eva. Inte en himmelsk syn–kvinnor i Helsingfors Carte du Ciel-projektet, 1893-1930. In Ikaros med två bröst; kvinnan och naturvetenskapen. Elisabet Hermodsson, Lena Trojer (red.). [Stockholm] Carlssons [1995] p. 79-86.

Johnson, William. A short account of some women in mathematics, engineering and astronomy. In Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society. Manchester memoirs; being the memoirs and proceedings, v. 131; 1991/93. Manchester, 1994. p. 96-103. illus., ports.
   Q41.M2, v. 131
   Includes brief discussion of the work of the marquise du Châtelet, Caroline Herschel, and Mary Somerville.

Jones, Bessie C., and Lyle G. Boyd. A field for women. In their The Harvard College Observatory; the first four directorships, 1839-1919. Cambridge, Mass., Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1971. p. 383-417. ports.
   References (37): p. 476-482.

Jorgenson, Regina, and Vladimir Strelnitski. Cultural impact on percentage of women in astronomy. Status, June 2000: 1, 6.

Jorgenson, Regina. A personal journey of exploration through the world of women astronomers. Status, June 2000: 7-8.

Kaufman, Clementine L. Out of this world: fifty years of Goucher stargazing. Goucher alumnae quarterly, v. 36, winter 1958: 6-7. illus., group ports.
   LH1.G64A4, v. 36
   Includes brief treatment of Florence P. Lewis, Helen Dodson Prince, and Sally H. Dieke, and discusses Goucher's participation in the Moonwatch program. Dr. Lewis and Dr. Dodson are among those pictured and a photograph reproduced on the front cover of the issue shows Dr. Dieke and some students observing sunspots. Another photograph, of a student at the Florence P. Lewis telescope, appears on p. 1.

Kaufman, Ron. Women astronomers press manifesto for equal rights. Scientist, v. 7, Sept. 6, 1993: 3, 9, 22. port.
   MicRR 89/4537
   Concerns the Baltimore Charter. The portrait is of Megan Urry.

Kidwell, Peggy A. Three women of American astronomy. American scientist, v. 78, May/June 1990: 244-251. ports.
   LJ85.S502, v. 78
   References (29): p. 250-251.
   About Maria Mitchell, Annie J. Cannon, and Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin.

Kidwell, Peggy A. Women astronomers in Britain, 1780-1930. Isis, v. 75, Sept. 1984: 534-546.
   Q1.I7, v. 75
   Bibliographic footnotes.

Kistiakowsky, Vera. Women in physics and astronomy. In Expanding the role of women in the sciences. Edited by Anne M. Briscoe and Sheila M. Pfafflin. New York, New York Academy of Sciences, 1979. (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, v. 323) p. 35-47.
   Q11.N5, v. 323
   References (15): p. 47.

Klumpke, Dorothea. La femme dans l'astronomie. In Société astronomique de France. Bulletin, 13. année, avril-mai 1899: 162-170, 206-215. illus., ports.
   QB1.S6, v. 13
   Text of a lecture presented at a meeting of the society on Feb. 1, 1899.

Klumpke, Dorothea. The work of women in astronomy. Observatory, v. 22, Aug. 1899: 295-300.
   QB1.O2, v. 22
   "Read ... before the International Congress of Women in London, 1899 July 29."

Knapp, Gillian R. Gillian Knapp's advice to young women interested in astronomy as a career. Mercury, v. 21, Jan./Feb. 1992: 34-35. port.
   QB1.M43, v. 21

Korneck, Helena. Frauen in der Astronomie. Sterne und Weltraum, 21. Jahrg., Okt. 1982: 412-414. ports.
   QB1.S854, v. 21
   Bibliographic footnotes.
   Chiefly about Maria Mitchell, Annie J. Cannon, and Henrietta Leavitt.

Kostina, Lidiia D. K 100-letiiu so dnia osnova-niia vysshikh zhenskikh (Bestozhevskikh) kursov. In Razvitie metodov astronomcheskikh issledovani. [Redaktory vypuska: V. K. Abalakin, N. I. Nevskaia (istoricheskaia chast)] Moskva [Vsesoiuznoe astronomo-geo-dezicheskoe obshchestvo AN SSSR] 1979. Seriia Problemy issledovaniia vselenno , vyp. 8) p. 477-483.
   References (20): p. 482-483.
   On the Bestuzhev College for Women and its role in training astronomers.


Krupp, Edwin C. Astronomical msings. Griffith observer, v. 39, May 1975: 8-11, 14-18. illus., ports.
   QB1.G7, v. 39

Lagrange, E. Les femmes-astronomes. Ciel et terre, 5. année, 15 janv. 1885: 513-527.
   QB1.C5, v. 5
   Bibliographic footnotes.

Lang, Harry G. Astronomy: women "computers" and the Harvard College Observatory. In his Silence of the spheres; the deaf experience in the history of science. Westport, Conn., Bergen & Garvey [1994] p. 56-60. ports.
   Q175.5.L34 1994
   Includes bibliographic references.
   Chiefly about Annie Jump Cannon and Henrietta Swan Leavitt.

Lankford, John, and Rickey L. Slavings. Gender and science: women in American astronomy, 1859-1940. Physics today, v. 43, Mar. 1990: 58-65. illus.
   QC1.P658, v. 43
   Bibliography: p. 65.
   Comments from Herbert Gursky, George S. Mumford, E. Margaret Burbidge, and Shirley W. Harrison, with Lankford's reply, appear under the heading "Giving Women Astronomers Their Due" in the Aug. 1990 issue, p. 91-92.

Lankford, John. Science and gender: women in the American astronomical community. In his American astronomy: community, careers, and power, 1859-1940. With the assistance of Ricky L. Slavings. Chicago, University of Chicago Press [1997] p. 287-359.
   QB33.U6L36 1997
   Bibliographic footnotes.

Lankford, John. Women and women's work at Mt. Wilson Observatory before World War II. In The Earth, the heavens and the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Edited by Gregory A. Good. With a foreword by Maxine Singer. Washington, D.C., American Geophysical Union, 1994. (History of geophysics, v. 5) p. 125-127.
   QC801.E36 1994
   References (7): p. 127.

Lankford, John. Women in the American astronomical community, 1859-1940. In American Astronomical Society. Bulletin, v. 20, no. 2, 1988: 742-743.
   QB1.A255, v. 20
   Abstract of a paper presented at the Society's 172d meeting, June 5-9, 1988, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Larsen, Kristine M. Women in astronomy: inclusion in introductory textbooks. American journal of physics, v. 63, Feb. 1995: 126-131.
   QC1.A47, v. 63
   References (17): p. 131.
   Studies the evolution of the rate of inclusion of information about the contributions of women astronomers in introductory astronomy textbooks over the past 40 years.
   Appendices provide a selected bibliography and a list of the textbooks examined.
   A letter from Jay M. Pasachoff commenting on this paper appears under the heading "Showing Women in Astronomy" in the Oct. 1995 issue, p. 873-874.

Larsen, Kristine M. Women in science: astronomy. In Reader's guide to the history of science. Edited by Arne Hessenbruch. London, Chicago, Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers [2000] p. 762-763.
   Q125.R335 2000
   Lists and discusses 12 books.

McDonald, Kim A. Many female astronomers say they face sex harassment and bias. Chronicle of higher education, v. 37, Feb. 13, 1991: A11, A15. ports.
   MicRR 05417

Mack, Pamela E. Straying from their orbits; women in astronomy in America. In Women of science: righting the record. Edited by G. Kass-Simon and Patricia Farnes. Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1990. p. 72-116. illus., ports.
   Q130.W67 1990
   References (121): p. 109-115.

McKenney, Anne P. What women have done for astronomy in the United States. Popular astronomy, v. 12, Mar. 1904: 171-182.
   QB1.P8, v. 12

Masevich, Alla G., and Aleksandra K. Terent eva. Zhenshciny astronomy. In Na rubezhakh poznaniia vselenno . Istoriko-astronomicheskie issledovaniia. vyp. 23; 1991. Otv. redaktor, A. A. Gurshte n. Moskva, "Nauka," 1992. p. 90-111. ports.
   QB33.R9I8, v. 23
   References (9): p. 111.
   Provides biographical sketches and portraits of 26 Russian women astronomers. Another portrait (of K. A. Barkhatova) appears as the frontispiece of the volume.

Mason, Helen E. Why shouldn't women have it all? New scientist, v. 131, Sept. 14, 1991: 10. port.
   "We are struggling to survive, to marry the demands of family and career." Q1.N52, v. 131

Millar, Margaret. The entry of women into astronomy. In The Cambridge dictionary of scientists. David Millar, Ian Millar, John Millar, Margaret Millar. [Cambridge, New York] Cambridge University Press [1996] p. 54-55.
   Q141.C128 1996
   The dictionary itself includes biographical sketches of 12 of the women mentioned in this short essay: Bell Burnell, Blagg, Burbidge, Cannon, Herschel, Klumpke, Leavitt, Lepaute, Maury, Mitchell, Payne-Gaposchkin, and Somerville.

[Miss Farnsworth and Martha Hazen ‘53] Mount Holyoke alumnae quarterly, v. 34, Nov. 1950: 115. illus.
   LH1.M915, v. 34
   Photo and caption. The two women are discussing "the problem of measuring the magnitude of stars in the Milky Way."

Moore, Patrick. Caroline Herschel–and others. Astronomy now, v. 8, Jan. 1994: 5.
   " ... laying down special rules for the inclusion of women seems to be an insult, because it infers that they could not get there on their own merits!"

Musgrove, Marcella. Working out with astronomers. Odyssey, v. 3, Mar. 1994: 32-34. ports. (part col.)
   QB46.O32, v. 3
   The author, an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr, describes her experience participating in the summer research program at Penn State, where she worked with Dr. France Cordova.

Nelson, Debra L. Daughters of the sky, a brief history of women in astronomy. Griffith observer, v. 47, Mar. 1983: 2-10. illus., ports.
   QB1.G7, v. 47
   Bibliography: p. 10.




Neu mina, Mariia N. Zhenshchiny-astronomy Pulkovsko observatorii. In Istoriko-astronomicheskie issledovanniia. vyp. 10. Moskva, Izd-vo "Nauka," Glav. red. Fiziko-matematichesko lit-ry, 1969. p. 229-239. group port.
   QB33.R9I8, v. 10
   Contents: M. V. Zhilova (1870-1934).–I. N. Leman-Balanovskaia (1881-1945).
   Includes lists of each woman's scientific publications.

Nevskaia, Nina I. Lenigrad women-astronomers in the early years of the Soviet power. In International Conference on the Role of Women in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine in the 19th and 20th C., Veszprém, Hungary, 1983. Proceedings. v. 1. Budapest, Rendezvény Iroda, 1983. p. 139-144.
   Q130.I58 1983, v. 1
   Includes mention of M. L. Bronskaia, M. N. Frolova, I. N. Leman-Balanovskaia, E. A. Maksimova, B.E. Moshkova, M. N. Neu mina, K. A. Reinfeld-Dneprovskaia, V. A. Rossovskaia, N. S. Samo lova-IAkhontova, N. M. Staude, A. N. Stru skaia, N. M. Subbotina, L. I. Terent eva, S. V. Voroshilova-Romanskaia, and M. V. Zhilova.

News from the departments: Astronomy. Mount Holyoke alumnae quarterly, v. 32, Aug. 1948: 73-74. illus.
   LH1.M915, v. 32
   Includes report and picture of the unveiling, at the John Payson Williston Observatory, of an enlarged photograph of Professor Emeritus Anne S. Young, a gift from Dr. Helen Sawyer Hogg ‘26. The picture shows Miss Farnsworth, the portrait of Professor Young, and two students.

Oelsner, Elise. Astronomie. In her Die Leistungen der deutschen Frau in den letzten vierhundert Jahren. Auf wissenschaftlichem Gebiete. Guhrau, M. Lemke, 1894. p. 82-84.
   Includes brief remarks on Maria Cunitz, Wilhelma Witte (Frau Mädler), Dorothea von Schlözer, Amalie Herzogin von Sachsen-Gotha, and Caroline Herschel.
   Held by the British Library under shelfmark 8415. df. 43.

Ogilvie, Marilyn B. Women in science, antiquity through the nineteenth century. A biographical dictionary with annotated bibliography. Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, 1986. 254 p.
   Q141.O34 1986
   Includes 38 women identified as having worked in or otherwise contributed to the field of astronomy.

One hundred years: the John Payson Williston Observatory, 1881-1981. [Editor: Lu Stone. South Hadley, Mass., Mount Holyoke College, Dept. of Astronomy, 1981?] [16] p. illus., ports.
   Includes short biographical sketches of Elisabeth M. Bardwell, Anne S. Young, and Alice H. Farnsworth.

O'Meara, Stephen J. Women in astronomy. Sky & telescope, v. 77, Mar. 1989: 317-318. illus. ports.
   QB1.S536, v. 77
   About nonprofessionals active in amateur societies and promoting astronomy to the general public, featuring Denise Sabatini, Deborah Moran, Lauri Kunkel, and Deborah Byrd.

Opalko, Jane. When women were ‘computers.' Odyssey, v. 3, Mar. 1994: 10-11. ports.
   QB46.O32, v. 3

O d e ska, Zofia. Udzia kobiet w astronomii. Urania (Kraków), r. 27, maj 1956: 142-145.
   QB1.U7, v. 27

Pancaldi, Maria G. Le donne e l'astronomia fra XVII e XVIII secolo. Orione, v. 11, luglio/ag. 1991: 30-43. illus. (part. col).
   Discusses Maria Cunitz, Caterina Elisabetha Koopman Hevelius, Maria Clara Eimmart Müller, Maria Margarethe Winckelmann and Christina Kirch, Jeanne Dumée, Mme du Châtelet, Maddalena and Teresa Manfredi, Laura Maria Caterina Bassi Veratti, Carolina Herschel, Marie Jeanne de Lalande, and Nicole-Reine Lepaute.

Percy, John R. Women in astronomy. In Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Journal, v. 75, Aug. 1981: 210-213.
   QB1.R485, v. 75

Perry, Judith J., Chris Done, and Carolin Crawford. Women in astronomy. Astronomy & geophysics, v. 40, June 1999: 29-30. col. group port.
   QB1.A836, v. 40
   "A consensus on steps forward rose from this lively discussion" among 21 women astronomers who met for two days at Cambridge.

Poole, Lynn, and Gray Poole. Nancy G. Roman, Jocelyn R. Gill. In their Scientists who work with astronauts. Approved by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. With foreword by Hugh L. Dryden. Illustrated with photos. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1964. p. 29-42. ports.
   The portraits follow p. xvi.

Price, Jill S. Discrimination in the workplace: results of two recent surveys and some recommendations. Mercury, v. 21, Jan./Feb. 1992: 29-31. port.
   QB1.M43, v. 21
   On surveys concerned in part or entirely with problems of harassment and discrimination.

Price, Jill S. Feeling the pinch. Sky & telescope, v. 83, May 1992: 484. illus.
   QB1.S536, v. 83
   "What types of treatment are women experiencing to make them feel uncomfortable in astronomy?"

Price, Jill S. Gender issues in astronomy: results of a survey of women AAS members. In American Astronomical Society. Bulletin, v. 22, no. 4, 1990: 1236.
   QB1.A255, v. 22
   Abstract of a poster paper displayed at the Society's 177th meeting, Jan. 13-17, 1991, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Price, Jill S. Guest comment: Gender bias in the sciences–some up-to-date information on the subject. American journal of physics, v. 61, July 1993: 589-590.
   QC1.A47, v. 61

Reed, Helen L. Women's work at the Harvard Observatory. New England magazine, new ser., v. 6, Apr. 1892: 165-172. illus., ports.
   AP2.N4, n.s., v. 6

Richardson, Darlene S., and Connie J. Sutton. Ordinary and extraordinary women in science. Bulletin of science, technology & society, v. 13, no. 5, 1993: 251-254.
   Q175.4.B84, v. 13
   References (36): p. 254. Four of the cited authors' names are consistently misspelled.
   Concerns astronomers only, and discusses Maria Mitchell, Annie J. Cannon, Henrietta Leavitt, and Antonia Maury.

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