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Women in Astronomy: A Comprehensive Bibliography

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Richardson, Robert S. Astronomy–the distaff side. San Francisco, Calif., Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1944. 8 p. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Leaflet no. 181)
   QB1.A422, no. 181

Richardson, Robert S. Women in astronomy. In his Astronomy in action. New York, McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1962. p. 125-130.

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   QB1.S536, v. 14

Rossiter, Margaret W. Women in astronomy. In her "Women's work" in science, 1880-1910. Isis, v. 71, Sept. 1980: 383-387. group port.
   Q1.I7, v. 71
   The group portrait is captioned "The Harvard stellar classification team, known as ‘Pickering's harem.'" See Barbara L. Welther's note, "‘Pickering's harem,'" in Isis, v. 73, Mar. 1982, p. 94.

Rossiter, Margaret W. Women scientists in America: struggles and strategies to 1940. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1982. xviii, 439 p. illus., ports.
   Q130.R68 1982
   Bibliographic references included in "Notes" (p. 319-397). Bibliography: p. 399-416.
   See index under Astronomers, women. Cross references to other index terms are provided at the end of this entry.

Rubin, Vera G. Women astronomers in the USSR. In American Astronomical Society. Bulletin, v. 20, no. 4, 1988: 984.
   QB1.A255, v. 20
   Abstract of a paper presented at the Society's 173d meeting, Jan. 8-12, 1989, in Boston, Massachusetts.
   Briefly describes a research paper prepared by A. G. Masevich and A K. Terent'eva with biographies of 23 Soviet women astronomers.

Rubin, Vera G. Women's work: women in modern astronomy. Science 86, v. 7, July/Aug. 1986: 58-61, 64-65. col. illus.
   Q1.S354, v. 7
   Reprinted in her Bright Galaxies, Dark Matters, p. [164]-172 (Woodbury, N.Y., American Institute of Physics [1997] Masters of modern physics, v. 17. QB857.R83 1997).

Sánchez Ron, José M. Mujeres en astronomía. In his El poder de la ciencia; historia socioeconómica de la física (siglo XX). [Madrid] Alianza Editorial [1992] p. 188-193. plates.
   QC7.S238 1992
   Bibliographic footnotes.
   The unnumbered plates appear as the 12th, 13th, and 14th of a group following p. 192.

Schiebinger, Londa L. The mind has no sex? Women in the origins of modern science. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1989. 355 p. illus., facsims., ports.
   Q130.S32 1989
   Bibliographic references included in "Notes" (p. 279-328). Bibliography: p. 329-345.
   See particularly chapter 3, "Scientific Women in the Craft Tradition."

Siegel, Patricia J., and Kay T. Finley. Women in the scientific search; an American bio-bibliography, 1724-1979. Metuchen, N.J., Scarecrow Press, 1985. xvii, 399 p.
   Z7404.S57 1985
   Includes 13 astronomers.

Simkin, Susan M. Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy. In The American Astronomical Society's first century. Editor, David H. DeVorkin. [Washington, D.C.] Published for the American Astronomical Society through the American Institute of Physics [1999] p. 187-193. ports.
   QB1.A28593 1999
   References (11): p. 329.

Singleton, Esther. Women as astronomers. Chautauquan, v. 14, Nov.-Dec. 1891: 209-212, 340-342.
   AP2.C48, v. 14

Snow, Theodore P., and Kenneth R. Brownsberger. Women in astronomy. In their Universe: origins and evolution. Belmont, Calif., Wadsworth Pub. Co. [1997] p. 331. col. illus.
   QB43.2.S667 1997

Solsona i Pairó, Nuria. La astronomía. In her Mujeres científicas de todos los tiempos. [Madrid] Talasa Ediciones [1997] (Hablan las mujeres, 14) p. 58-62.
   Q130.S65 1997
   Discusses Sophie Brahe, Maria Cunitz, Elisabetha Hevelius, Maria Winckelmann Kirch, and Mme. Lepaute.

Spector, Barbara. Women astronomers say discrimination in field persists. Scientist, v. 5, Apr. 1, 1991: 20-21. illus., port.
   MicRR 89/4537

Spradley, Joseph L. Two centennials of star catalogs compiled by women. Astronomy quarterly, v. 7, no. 3, 1990: 177-184. illus.
   QB1.A85, v. 7
   References (14): p. 183-184.
   Concerns the work of Elisabetha Hevelius and Williamina Fleming.


Spradley, Joseph L. Women and the stars. Physics teacher, v. 28, Sept. 1990: 372-377. illus., port.
   QC30.P48, v. 28
   References (29): p. 377.

Stafford, Jane. Careers ahead: science careers for women. Independent woman, v. 35, Aug. 1956: 4-6, 30. ports.
   HD6050.N3, v. 35
   Includes information about, and portraits of, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin and Elizabeth Roemer.

Steel, Diana. Astronomers fight sexism. New scientist, v. 135, Sept. 26, 1992: 8.
   Q1.N52, v. 135
   Brief report on an international conference held at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Thaller, Michelle. Women in science: a view from the trenches. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter,101, Aug. 2000: 7, 12.

Urry, Claudia Megan. Surveying the playing field. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 102, Oct. 2000: 4-6. illus.
   "... reprinted from the June 2000 issue of STATUS."
   See the letter from Michael Merrifield, commenting on this article, and Urry's response, published under the heading "Concerning the Status of Women in Astronomy" in Newsletter 104, Mar. 2001.

Viegas, Sueli M. 20 anos de astronomia no Brasil: o lado feminino. Boletim da Sociedade Astronômica Brasileira, v. 13, no. 3, 1994: 27-32.
   QB1.B66, v. 13

Warner, Deborah J. Women astronomers. Natural history, v. 88, May 1979: 12, 14, 16, 20, 22, 24, 26. group ports.
   QH1.N13, v. 88

Warner, Deborah J. Women astronomers: perfect in their place. Planetarian, v. 15, Sept. 1986: 5-10, 12. port.
   QB1.P46, v. 15

Wattenberg, Diedrich. Frauen in der Astronomie. Berlin-Treptow, 1963. 7, [1] p. (Archenhold-Sternwarte, Berlin-Treptow. Vorträge und Schriften, Nr. 14)
   "Sonderdruck aus Blick in das Weltall, 1963, Heft 6."
   Names and briefly discusses the work of women astronomers in Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Sweden, the Soviet Union, Turkey, Hungary, and the United States.

Welther, Barbara L. The first women appointed to IAU commissions. In International Astronomical Union. General Assembly, 22d, The Hague, 1994. Highlights of astronomy. v. 10. Dordrecht, Boston, Kluwer Academic Publishers [1995] p. 124-126.
   QB51.I57, v. 10
   Includes brief comment by Suzanne Débarbat.

Welther, Barbara L. "Pickering's harem." Isis, v. 73, Mar. 1982: 94. group port.
   Q1.I7, v. 73
   Points out that the group portrait illustrating Margaret Rossiter's essay in the Sept. 1980 issue was taken May 19, 1925, several years after Pickering's death, and presents another taken May 13, 1913, in which Pickering is included; the 13 women are identified.

Whitehorne, Mary Lou. Involving more women in amateur astronomy. In Amateur-professional partnerships in astronomy. Proceedings of a meeting held at University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 1-7 July 1999. Edited by John R. Percy and Joseph B. Wilson. San Francisco, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2000. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series, v. 220) p. 24-25.
   QB1.A22 2000

A Woman's place is in the dome. Sky & telescope, v. 77, June 1989: 590.
   QB1.S536, v. 77
   On the special session, "Women Worldwide in Astronomy," held during the IAU's 20th General Assembly in Baltimore, Aug. 8, 1988.

Women as mathematicians and astronomers. American mathematical monthly, v. 25, Mar. 1918: 136-139.
   QA1.A515, v. 25
   Bibliographic footnotes.

Women astronomers at Harvard. Harvard alumni bulletin, v. 29, Jan. 13, 1927: 420-422.
   LH1.H3A5, v. 29

Women astronomers in van of Harvard's achievements. New York times, v. 86, Dec. 20, 1936, section 6: 6. ports.

Women astronomer's status little changed. Physics today, v. 33, July 1980: 80.
   QC1.P658, v. 33
   On the 1980 report of the American Astronomical Society's working group on the status of women.

Women at the Royal Observatory. Englishwoman's review, v. 21, May 15, 1890: 233.
   HQ1101.E52, v. 21
   Cites the Pall Mall Gazette as the source of a report concerning the employment of "Four ex-Newnham students, at the head of whom is Miss Clemes," to carry out "exact measurement from photographs, as well as actual photography and night observations. The arrangement is said to be only tentative ..."


Women at work: a meeting on the status of women in astronomy, held at the Space Telescope Science Institute, September 8-9, 1992. Edited by C. Megan Urry, Laura Danly, Lisa E. Sherbert and Shireen Gonzaga. Sponsored by the Space Telescope Science Institute, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Science Foundation, Maryland Space Grant Consortium, and the Computer Sciences Corporation. [Baltimore, Space Telescope Science Institute, 1993] 207 p. illus., ports., (part fold.)
   QB34.5.W66 1993
   Cover title: Women in astronomy.
   Includes bibliographical references.

  • Urry, C. M. Preface.
  • The Baltimore Charter for Women in Astronomy.
  • Acknowledgments.
  • I. Introduction. Giaconi, R. Opening Remarks. Urry, C. M. Introduction to WIA meeting. Schiebinger, L. S. Women in science: historical perspectives.
  • II. Demographics of the profession. Billard, L. The influence of gender on advancement in astronomy and physics, and mathematics. Skidmore, L. Women in science: past and future trends. Schreier, E. J. A snapshot survey of women in astronomy. Boyce, P. B. Some statistics on women in astronomy.
  • III. Analysis. Tobias, S. The "problem" of women in science: why is it so difficult to convince people there is one? Grant, L., K. B. Ward, and C. Forshner. Mentoring experiences of women and men in academic physics and astronomy.
  • IV. Institutional initiatives. Elmegreen, B. G. Industry perspective: IBM. Fowlkes, D. L. Workshop on sexual harassment. Schwartz, D. Family issues. Marcy, G. W., and D. M. Elmegreen. University approaches to affirmative action. Mead, K. N. Suggestions for improvements in job search procedures.
  • V. Individual initiatives. López-Cruz, O. My best friend.
    • A. National perspectives. Smirnova, T. Scientific contributions of women in Soviet radio astronomy during the last 12 years. Izvekova, V., and S. Suleymanova. Women in Russian radio astronomy: reflections by two Russian radio astronomy women. Hubrig, S., and D. Cerovsky. The social situation of women in astronomy in the former German Democratic Republic. Grebel, E. K. Women astronomers at ESO. Caraveo, P. A. Student population at the University of Milano, Italy. Grice, N. A. Women's roles in America's planetariums.
    • B. Networking among women astronomers. Oey, M. S., and J. R. Fleischman. Women in astronomy: the student phase. Clayton, G. C., and K. D. Eastwood. The newsletter of CSWA. Fleischman, J. R. Building a student support network. Stolovy, S. Recent efforts at Cornell to encourage women in the sciences. Weinberger, A. J. WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) at Caltech. Hesser, J. E. The NRC 'Women in Science and Engineering' (WISE) program. Whitney, B. A., J. Ryan, K. Entler, A. K. Dupree, and M. Aymie. The Women's Program Committee at the CfA.
    • C. Outreach to the community. Danly, L., and M. Jan. The Women's Science Forum: a targeted outreach program at ST ScI. The Springboard Programme. Hesser, J. E. The B.C. 'Scientists in the Schools' program. Eisberg, J. Science, diversity, and community: revitalizing introductory curricula. French, L. M. Hands-on astronomy for middle school girls and boys. Kay, L. E. Teaching an undergraduate seminar in women and science.
  • VI. Last words. Kinney, A. L. Astronomizing at ST ScI. Danly, L. Epilogue.

Women hold up half the sky. Sky & telescope, v. 86, Oct. 1993: 13. col. illus.
   QB1.S536, v. 86
   Reports a presentation concerning women in astronomy given at the Berkeley meeting of the American Astronomical Society in June 1993.

Women in astronomy. Chairperson and editor: S. Torres-Peimbert. In International Astronomical Union. General Assembly, 22d, The Hague, 1994. Highlights of astronomy. v. 10. Dordrecht, Boston, Kluwer Academic Publishers [1995] p. [91]-112.
   QB51.I57, v. 10
   Includes bibliographic references.

  • Torres-Peimbert, S. Workshop of women in astronomy.
  • Padrielli, L. Women in astronomy - Italy.
  • Rykhlova, L. V. Women-astronomers of former USSR.
  • Baum, S. A. Women in astronomy in the US and Canada.
  • Ye, S. Status of women astronomers in China.
  • Burbidge, E. M. Are the opportunities in astronomy and the working conditions different for women and men?
  • Griffin, E. Opportunities and working conditions.

Women in Astronomy DataBase. In American Astronomical Society. Newsletter, 100, June 2000: 5.
   Produced by the Society's Committee on the Status of Women, the list "includes the names, professional affiliations and scientific interest information of more than 200 women in the disciplines of astronomy and astrophysics." It can be found at

Workshop on women in astronomy. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 62, Oct. 1992: 8.
   LH1.M915, v. 47
   On a meeting held in September at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Yoss, Kenneth M. [The new science at Mount Holyoke] Astronomy. Mount Holyoke alumnae quarterly, v. 47, fall 1963: 127. ports.
   In the portraits, "Sue Wyckoff ‘62 is shown at work in the observatory," and Grace-Anne Stipe ‘65, an astronomy major, is seen "learning about the operation of the microphotometer."

Zahm, John A. Women in astronomy. In his Women in science. With an introductory chapter on woman's long struggle for things of the mind. New York, D. Appleton, 1913. p. 167-196.

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