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MODS/MADS Editorial Committee

The MODS/MADS Editorial Committee is an international group of volunteers responsible for maintaining editorial control over MODS and MADS and their accompanying documentation as well as for the MODS and MADS XML schemas. The Library of Congress provides support by coordinating developments, such as hosting the Web site, handling inquiries, raising awareness, and maintaining/moderating the discussion lists.

MODS/MADS Editorial Committee Goals

  • Set direction and priorities for MODS and MADS development
  • Approve additions, corrections and revisions of the MODS and MADS schemas
  • Maintain the MODS and MADS guidelines, reviewing and providing revisions as needed
  • Promote use and understanding of MODS and MADS for appropriate applications
  • Interact with other metadata efforts and standards where there is synergy (e.g. MARC, Dublin Core, METS, and PREMIS)

MODS/MADS Editorial Committee Members

  • Melanie Wacker, Columbia University, Chair
  • Jan Ashton, British Library
  • Ann Caldwell, Brown University
  • Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress
  • Angela Di Iorio, Sapienza Università di Roma
  • Rebecca Guenther, Consultant
  • Myung-Ja "MJ" Han, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Sally McCallum, Library of Congress
  • Tracy Meehleib, Library of Congress
  • Stefanie Rühle, State and University Library in Göttingen
  • Robin Wendler, Harvard University

MODS/MADS Editorial Committee Membership Policy

    1) The MODS/MADS Editorial Committee (EC) will maintain a maximum of 12 members, but the EC will not need to fill all 12 at any given time.

    2) A member will be appointed for a two-year period. A renewal of a membership is possible.

    3) Calls are held monthly, though may be canceled or moved if necessary and agreed to by the committee.

    4) A member of the MODS/MADS EC is expected to attend at minimum two thirds of the calls.

    • During any (rolling) six-month period, if a member is not present for at least two thirds of the calls, the member’s membership will be placed “in jeopardy” and the member will be asked either to confirm that he/she wishes to remain a member, or to resign.  
    • If the member confirms the intention to remain a member then if during the subsequent six months the member is not present for two thirds of the meetings, the member will be asked to resign.
    • However if the member does attend two thirds of the meetings during that subsequent six month period then the “jeopardy” designation will be removed.
    • During any six-month period, if a member is not present for at least one third of the calls (whether in jeopardy or not), then the member will be asked to resign.
    • A member may request a leave of absence for up to 6 months.

    5) All members are expected to contribute, both between and during calls, by participating actively in email discussions and attending calls prepared to participate actively in the call discussions.

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