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Note: ISO 639-2 is the alpha-3 code. Where two codes are provided (21 languages total), the bibliographic code is given first and the terminology code is given second. ISO 639-1 is the alpha-2 code. Multiple codes for the same language are to be considered synonyms.

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ISO 639-2 Language Code ISO 639-1 Language Code English name of Language French name of Language
bik Bikol bikol
dak Dakota dakota
ilo Iloko ilocano
kok konkani konkani
komkvkomi kom
konkgkongo kongo
korkokorean coréen
kos kosraean kosrae
kum Kumyk koumyk
mus Creek muskogee
nic Niger-kordofanian languages nigéro-kordofaniennes, langues
nqo N'ko n'ko
nyn Nyankole nyanko
sah Yakut iakoute
sel Selkup selkoupe
sms Skolt Sami sami skolt

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February 3, 2015