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Top Level Element: <classification>

Definition The classification/call number designation associated with the <authority>
Attributes edition, displayLabel, usage, authority, authorityURI, valueURI, lang, xml:lang, script, transliteration, ID, xlink
Subelements None

Guidelines for Use

<classification> contains the classification number or range for the authoritative name or subject.

The Library of Congress maintains Classification Scheme Source Codes, which can be used for the authority attribute.

This element is optional and repeatable.

Element Description



Designates the edition of the particular classification scheme as indicated in the scheme's authority.
Use for those classification schemes that are issued in editions (e.g., DDC).



Additional text associated with the classification scheme if needed for display purposes.
May be used to indicate the name of the classification scheme for display. Include the preferred text and capitalization, but do not include delimiters such as colons.


Used to indicate the main classification for the <authority>
The usage attribute should be used with the following value:
  • primary – This value is used only when identifying the main <classification>. If there is only one <classification> element, and it has no usage attribute, the <classification> value is assumed to be the primary for the <authority>.

authority, authorityURI, valueURI, lang, xml:lang, script, transliteration, ID, xlink

See Attributes Used Throughout the MADS Schema for a description of each of these attributes.


There are no subelements for <classification>.

MARC Mapping

<classification> = MARC 21 Authority fields 053, 055, 060, 065, 070, 080, 082, 083, 086, or 087

See also MARC 21 Authority Format Mapping to MADS Schema.



<name type="personal">
<namePart>Grimes, Martha</namePart>
<classification authority="lcc">PS3557.R48998</classification>

Last Updated: April 4, 2012