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Top Level Element: <note>

Definition General information relating to <authority> and that does not fit in one of the other available elements.
Attributes type, displayLabel, lang, xml:lang, script, transliteration, ID, xlink
Subelements None

Guidelines for Use

A link may be supplied instead of or in addition to the <note> content.

This element is optional and repeatable. Each note should be entered in a separate <note> element.

Element Description



Identifies the type of note.
The type attribute is a text string and can have any value. Some common <authority> note types are:
  • source – references to a bibliographic item or website where information about the <authority> was found.
  • history – data on the background of the person, organization, or topic that is the focus of the record.
  • notFound – key sources where it was not possible to find any data about the <authority>.
Additional MADS note types may be found on the MADS <note> types webpage.


Provides additional text associated with the note if needed for display purposes.
Use when a particular label for display is preferred to aid the user in understanding the note. Include the preferred text and capitalization, but do not include delimiters such as colons.

lang, xml:lang, script, transliteration, ID, xlink

See Attributes Used Throughout the MADS Schema for a description of each of these attributes.


There are no subelements for <note>.

MARC Mapping

<note> with no attribute specified = MARC 21 Authority field 680 subfields a and i

<note type="source"> = MARC 21 Authority field 670 subfields a and b

<note type="notFound"> = MARC 21 Authority field 675 subfield a

<note type="history"> = MARC 21 Authority field 678 subfields a and b

<note type="subject example"> = MARC 21 Authority field 681 subfields a and i

<note type="deleted heading information"> = MARC 21 Authority field 682 subfields a and i

<note type="application history"> = MARC 21 Authority field 688 subfield a

See also MARC 21 Authority Format Mapping to MADS Schema.



<name type="personal" authority="naf" >
<namePart>Farrukhzād, Furūgh</namePart>
<note type="source">Safarī dar khaṭṭ-i zamān, 2004 or 2005: t.p. (فروغ فرخزاد = Furڶugh Farrukhټzڶad) t.p. verso (Iranian CIP data: b. 1313 [1935], d. 1345 [1967])</note>
<note type="hisory">b. 1935; d. 1967</note>
<name type="corporate" authority="lcsh" >
<namePart>League of Nations</namePart>
<topic>Officals and employees</topic>
<note type="subject example">Note under Public officers </note>

Last Updated: April 24, 2012