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Top Level Element: <url>

Definition Any URL associated with the <authority> in the record.
Attributes displayLabel, dateLastAccessed, note
Subelements None

Guidelines for Use

Includes a link to additional information in the form of a URL about the <authority>. Examples are an organization's Web site or a personal home page. Note that standard identifiers associated with the entity (e.g. ISNI) are included in the <identifier> field.

This element is optional and repeatable.

Element Description



Provides additional text associated with the URL if needed for display purposes.
Include the preferred text and capitalization, but do not include delimiters such as colons.


Intended to express the date that a digital resource has been accessed remotely.
This attribute may be useful to a user because of the volatility of Web content. There is no encoding scheme specified for use with this attribute, however, the structured date YYYYMMDD is recommended.


Includes notes that are associated with the link that is included as the value of the <url> element.
This attribute is generally free text and intended for public display.


There are no subelements for <url>.

MARC Mapping

<url> = MARC 21 Authority field 856 sufield u

<url displayLabel="content of subfield"> = MARC 21 Authority field 856 sufields 3 and z where "content of subfield" is equal to the information contained in the MARC subfields 3 and z.

See also MARC 21 Authority Format Mapping to MADS Schema.



<name type="personal" authority="naf">
<namePart>Rogovin, Milton</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1909-2011</namepart>
<url displayLabel ="Artist's homepage archived by
the Library of Congress Web Archives (LCWA), March 30, 2006 thru November 29, 2006 "></url>


Last Updated: April 24, 2012