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METS Registry Submissions

Purpose of the METS Registry

The METS Registry attempts to provide as full a listing as possible of institutions and projects that are making use of METS as a submission format, a native repository format, and/or a dissemination format. Information about how and where METS is being used is very useful to the METS Board in determining future directions for METS, to both potential and active users of METS as a resource of contact information, and to funding agencies who may be considering the funding of a METS based project.

Submitting entries for the METS Registry

The METS Registry depends on contributions of the METS community. Any institution that is implementing or has implemented a project using METS is encouraged to submit an entry about the project to the METS list or to Rick Beaubien personally.

METS Registry entry contents

METS registry entries should include as much of the following information as the submitting institution has available:

  1. A short description of the METS application
  2. Projected dates of implementation (if not yet in production).
  3. URL to any publicly available production or demonstration implementations
  4. METS Profile information including: a) Status of METS profiles b) Registered profile names (if any) and c) links to documentation about profiles and any unregistered profiles in progress.
  5. METS extension schema being used for descriptive and administrative metadata.
  6. URL to any available documentation or specifications for the implementations.
  7. An indication of whether any METS tools developed as part of the implementations are available to other METS implementors; and if so, under what terms (freeware, licensed software, etc.)
  8. Contact name and email address.

The METS Registry entry for the University of California Berkeley Archival Collections is complete and can be used for reference in preparing information for submission.

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  February 9, 2016

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