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Version 1.9 of the METS schema is now the official current version (February 22, 2010)

The changes included version 1.9 schema are:
  1. Adds a <metsDocumentID> element to the <metsHdr> for recording a unique identifier for the METS document itself where this is different from the value appearing in the OBJID attribute of the root <mets> element. (The OBJID attribute represents a unique identifier for the entire digital object represented by the METS document., not just the METS document per se)
  2. Adds "ISO 19115:2003 NAP" to the enumerated values for the MDTYPE attribute in the METADATA attribute group. This represents the "North American Profile of ISO 19115:2009 - Geographic Information - Metadata"
  3. Adds "XPTR" to the enumerated values supported by BETYPE attribute on the on the <area> element.
  4. Adds BEGIN, END and BETYPE attributes to the <file> and <stream> elements to provide a means for specifying the location of a nested file or a stream within its parent file. Currently, the only supported BETYPE value in this context is "BYTE". However, the enumeration list for BETYPE values that can be associated with <file> and <stream> elements may be expanded in the future as additional meaningful ways of locating nested files within their parent container files emerge.

This schema version is available from both the generic METS version 1.x URL:

and the specific version 1.9 URL:



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