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METS Schema Revision 1.11 Available (January 7, 2015)

The METS Editorial Board has a new revision to the METS 1 XML Schema, bringing the revision number to 1.11.  The changes are as follows:

  • The attributes, ORDER, ORDERLABEL, and LABEL, have been added  to the <par>, <seq>, and <area> elements.  The ORDER, ORDERLABEL, and LABEL attributes will retain the same semantics they had when used with the <div> element.
  • In addition we have added xsd:anyAttribute with namespace ##other and processContents lax to the <par>, <seq>, and <area> elements.  This will allow arbitrary new attributes to be added to these elements to support local needs.
Note that these additions were originally proposed in order to support the rendering of 3D objects which consist of a mesh file and multiple images for the textures that need to be identified individually but rendered in parallel to represent the 3D object.  However, the use of ORDER, ORDERLABEL, and LABEL, might be useful in other use cases where a complex object is represented by use of multiple, nested <par>, <seq>, or <area> elements.

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