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Revised Version of METS Schema Released (October 26, 2001)

A revised version of the METS XML schema is now available at the official METS web site at // Please note that this revision requires the use of an additional XML schema document defining XLink attributes used in the METS schema. The XLink schema is available at //

This revision makes a number of changes and enhancements to the METS schema, including:

  • Implementation of the XLink standard to provide linking facilities from METS pointer (<mptr>), file pointer (<fptr>) and metadata reference (<mdRef>) elements;
  • Addition of a new major section, the METS Header (<metsHdr>) to record metadata regarding the METS document and its processing;
  • Addition of a TYPE attribute to the division (<div>) element to allow for characterization of divisions in the structural map area;
  • Simplification of the global declaration portion of the schema;
  • Minor changes to data typing of attributes to bring them in line with the final W3C XML Schema recommendation.

Input from the library community regarding the design of the METS schema is encouraged. A meeting of the METS initiative design group to discuss revisions to the XML schema based on input from the community will be held on November 15, 2001 prior to the Digital Library Federation Forum. Comments regarding METS' design should be submitted to the METS listserv before Nov. 10th (details about subscribing to the listserv are available at the METS web site).

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