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New versions of the METS schema and METS Profile Schema

Proposed new versions of the METS schema (and associated XLink schema) and the METS Profile schema are now available. Here's a summary of the changes to the various schema:

METS Schema

  • Documentation for attributes has been relocated to make it easier to automate the generation of documentation for the METS schema.
  • A new attribute, CONTENTIDS, with a new simpleType of URIs has been added to the <div>, <fptr>, <mptr> and <area> elements. This attribute has been added primarily to simplify conversion between METS and MPEG21 documents, but may be useful for others wishing to associate URIs with specific portions of a structural map without having to link to identifier information in a <descMD> element.
  • The XLink namespace declaration has been changed to conform with the W3C's XML Linking Language (XLink) Version 1.0 namespace recommendation. A new version of the XLink schema has been provided which also conforms with this namespace.
  • ID attributes have been added to the elements <FContent>, <structLink> and <smLink>.
  • "LOM" has been added as a metadata type in support of those using METS to archive courseware objects.

METS documents which declare the XLink namespace will need to be updated to use the new version of the schema; however, this change should resolve compatibility problems experienced by those trying to employ the MODS schema with the METS schema. Beyond that, existing METS documents should be compatible with the new schema.

METS Profile Schema

  • An optional, repeatable <head> element has been added to the <textSection> content model so that headings may be interspersed in any text section in a profile.
  • A LABEL attribute has been added to the <Appendix> element to allow for the addition of a machine-processable label/title for an Appendix.

The METS editorial board would like to solicit comments from the METS user community on these proposed new versions of the METS and METS Profile schema. You may send any comments to [email protected], and I will forward them on to the rest of the editorial board. Please send comments to me by Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2004. At that point, the editorial board will review the submitted comments and make a final determination as to whether the proposed new schema will become the next official versions.

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