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METS Opening Day/Implementors' Meeting Germany

May 7-8, 2007, Göttingen State and University Library, Göttingen, Germany

Monday, May 7th

METS Opening Day Program

10:00       Registration

10:30       Introduction
   Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Stanford University Libraries

METS Basics

11:00      METS by hand
   Rick Beaubien, University of California, Berkeley

11:30      Coffee break

11:45      METS Profiles
   Brian Tingle, California Digital Library

12:30      Lunch break

Creation and Presentation

13:15      GOOBI - web based METS creation
   Ralf Stockmann, SUB Göttingen

13:45      The MEX-editor: using METS for Internet presentations of digitized archives
   Angelika Menne-Haritz, Federal Archives of Germany

14:15      ContentE: Flexible Publication of Digitised Works with METS
   Gilberto Pedrosa, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon, Portugal

14:45      Coffee break


15:00      Audio Preservation
   Robin Wendler, Harvard University Libraries

15:30      The British Library's METS Experience: The cost of METS
   Carl Wilson, British Library

16:00      The Universal Object Format - A METS Profile for an archiving and exchange format for digital objects
   Tobias Steinke, DNB Frankfurt

16:30      Premis and METS
   Olaf Brandt, SUB Göttingen

17:00      End

Tuesday, May 8th

METS Implementors' Meeting

10:00       Registration

10:30       METS Profiles
   Rob Wolfe, MIT Libraries

12:30      Lunch break

13:30      METSbeans - a METS API for java
   Markus Enders, SUB Göttingen

14:45      Coffee break

15:15      Tools
   Brian Tingle, California Digital Library

17:00      End

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