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METS Opening Day United Kingdom

July 12, 2004, The British Library, London, United Kingdom


The third METS Opening Day event will take place at the British Library, London, UK on July 12, 2004.

This event will provide an overview of the METS metadata schema, and discuss the basics of implementing digital library systems which use METS. Participants will be given an opportunity to see how to build METS documents from scratch, and learn about how other institutions are implementing METS. There will also be opportunities to discuss the technical details of implementing METS, including the use of creation tools, endorsed extension schema, and making METS documents available to users.

Attendees of the METS Opening Day must register. See registration form below.

This is the third of several planned Opening Day events. Watch the METS web site for announcements of future Opening Day events.

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