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MODS Version 3.0 changes

A new version of the MODS XML schema (version 3.0) now available at the MODS web site at:

To produce this version, the Library of Congress invited those using MODS to review the new version of the schema. Review took place between August and December, 2003. The new version of MODS makes the following changes (MARC equivalents given where applicable):

  1. Adds a version attribute to indicate the current major and minor version of the document (in this case 3.0). In addition uses the namespace and filename to indicate the schema version and in the filename (e.g.namespace: // with filename: mods3.xsd
  2. Declares all first-level MODS elements (those immediately subordinate to <MODS>) as global, so they can be root elements of instance documents, or imported into other schemas.
  3. Takes out mandatory requirement for title; instead, requires at least one element (but not necessarily title).
  4. Adds type “termsOfAddress” to <namePart> (for titles, Jr., etc.) under <name>. (MARC X00 $b and$c)
  5. Adds the following enumerated values under <typeOfResource>
    • sound recording-musical (MARC Ldr/06 value “j”)
    • sound recording-nonmusical (MARC Ldr/06 value “i”)
    (“Sound recording” by itself will be retained to be used when a mixture of musical and nonmusical or if the user does not need to make the distinction.)
  6. Under originInfo allows for multiple <place> elements in any order. (This is a correction to an error in the schema.)
  7. Adds under originInfo:
    • dateValid (MARC 046$m and $n)
    • dateModified (MARC 046$j)
    • copyrightDate
    For all dates adds attribute “qualifier” with values: approximate, inferred, questionable
  8. In <place>, <role>, and <language> changes to a consistent treatment of code or text as follows:
    <place> (MARC 008/15-17; 044, 260$a)  
      Attributes: authority, type (code or text)  
    <role> (MARC 1XX, 7XX $e and $4)  
      Attributes: authority, type (code or text)  
    <language> (MARC 008/35-37, 041)  
      Attributes: authority, type (code or text)  
  9. Adds subelement <geographicCode> under <subject> (MARC 043)

  10. Adds subelement <occupation> under <subject> (MARC 656)
  11. Adds displayLabel attribute to <relatedItem>. (MARC 76X-78X $3 and $i)
  12. Adds <part> to relatedItem (with type=”host”) to enable detailed coding for generating citations:
    Attributes: type, order
    type: Suggested values include part, volume, issue, chapter, section, paragraph, track
    order: contains a number
    Attribute: unit
    unit: Suggested values: page, minute
      <date> (uses dateType)  
    Attributes: encoding, point

  13. Under <relatedItem> deletes type value “related” (which is the same as not giving a type attribute). Adds type attribute value isReferencedBy under <relatedItem>..
  14. Adds hdl to suggested value list in documentation under <identifier>. (Since hdl is not yet officially a URI scheme, it needs to be treated differently (MODS also uses “doi” this way). If these become URI schemes or URN namespace, the method of representing them may change.)
  15. Adds <physicalLocation> (MARC 852 $a$b$j$e) under <location> with the following attribute: displayLabel (MARC 852 $3). [Previously under <location> with no subelements.]
  16. Adds <url> under <location> (MARC 856 $u) with the following attributes: displayLabel (MARC 856 $3); dateLastAccessed.
  17. Adds authority to recordContentSource.(MARC 040$a).
  18. Adds <recordOrigin> under <recordInfo>.

This list does not include corrections under “Documentation” or other annotations, comments, etc. that are not part of the schema itself. It also does not include a few changes in whether the elements are ordered.

Further comments may either be publicly posted to MODS mailing list at [email protected] or sent privately to Ray Denenberg, MODS schema editor, [email protected].

January 27, 2004

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