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MODS Version 3.3 changes

A new version of the MODS XML schema (version 3.3) is now available at :

This replaces version 3.2, which was finalized in June 2006. Changes are minor in that there are additions and corrections that do not invalidate existing MODS 3.2 instances. The new version of MODS makes the following changes.

Substantive changes:

  1. Increased support for Holdings. See
  2. Increased support for rights schemas: extensibility mechanism added to accessCondition to allow for other more detailed rights schemas (e.g. CDL.s).
  3. Allow typeOfResource to be empty.
  4. Add attribute 'authority' to <frequency> under <originInfo>.
  5. Add under <recordInfo>, a new element <descriptionStandard> with an authority attribute, e.g. <descriptionStandard authority="marcdescription">rak</descriptionStandard>.
  6. Add under hierarchicalGeographic (under subject): extraterrestrialArea, citySection.
  7. Add Xlink attribute to physicalLocation.
  8. Add additional enumerated values for authority under <language>: ISO 639-3 and RFC4646.
Non-substantive but notable changes:
  1. For the 'xml:' namespace the schemaLocation="" is changed to schemaLocation="".
  2. For the 'xlink:' namespace the schemaLocation="" is changed to schemaLocation="".
  3. Attribute declarations are substantially consolidated.
  4. References to authority lists removed.

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