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MODS: Changes for Next Version

The following are changes to be incorporated into MODS in version 2.0, to be released in mid January. The previous version of MODS, 1.2, has undergone a period of trial use from June- Dec. 2002. These are based on comments, defect reports, and suggestions for enhancements as a result of experimentation. Where appropriate the MARC mapping is provided.

  1. Add top level optional element <modsCollection> to surround a collection of MODS records. (A single MODS records would use <mods> as its root element; a file of multiple records would use <modsCollection> as its root element and <mods> for each record within that collection.)

  2. title. Add a subelement <subtitle> (245$b)

  3. name.
    • Add additional values for type attribute under <namePart> to parse names:
      • family
      • given
      If no type exists, assume name is unparsed.
    • Add subelements under <role> to allow for use of either code or text:
      • <code> (1XX, 7XX $4)
      • <text> (1XX, 7XX $e)

  4. genre
    • In the genreType definition, the list of values (effectively a comment, with a <documentation> element) will be removed. It will be maintained outside the schema.
    • Add "book" as a value on the genre list.

  5. publicationInfo.
    • Change name to: originInfo (to clarify that these elements do not only apply to published resources)
    • Change <placeCode> and <place> to <place> with 2 subelements <code> and <text>
    • Add <otherDate> for a generic date element that does not fall into another category
    • Add attribute keyDate so that a particular date may be distinguished among several dates. Thus for example when sorting MODS records by date, a date with keyDate="yes" would be the date to sort on. It should only occur for one date at most in a given record.

  6. physicalDescription
    • Add additional value "print" to <physicalDescription><form> (008/23 value blank)
    • Add <reformattingQuality> with values "access", "preservation", and "replacement" (007/13CF)
    • Remove <controlled> and <unControlled> in favor of an authority attribute to be used if the value is from a controlled list

  7. cartographics/subject. Change <cartographics> from a top-level element to a subelement under subject.

  8. relatedItem
    • Define mods under relatedItem to allow for recursion, i.e. any mods element may be used under this element.
    • Add additional type attributes: otherVersion (field 775); otherFormat (field 776)
    • Remove type attribute "reproduction" (a specific type of otherFormat).

  9. identifier
    • Add attribute displayLabel (856$3)
    • Add "stock number" as a value for type attribute (037$a$b)
    • Add attribute "invalid=yes" ($z in 0XX fields)

  10. location. Add attribute displayLabel (852$3)

  11. recordInfo. Add <languageOfCataloging> (040$b)

  12. Add attributes to be used for any element:
    • xml:lang (code as defined by RFC3066)
    • lang ( 3-character ISO 639-2/B code)
    • script (ISO 15924 script code)
    • translit (will need to provide a list of transliteration schemes)

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