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MODS <note> Types

The following lists contain note types used by MODS implementors. To contribute additional note types to these lists, please contact the Network Development and MARC Standards Office online at: Contact Us; or by telephone at: +1-202-707-6237.

A full listing of note type sources is located below.

MODS <note>

Note Type Source MARC Equivalent
accrual method Collection Description Holdings 008/07
accrual policy Collection Description  
acquisition GDM, MARC Field 541
action GDM, MARC Field 583
additional physical form MARC Field 530
admin GDM n/a
bibliographic history GDM n/a
bibliography GDM, NLA, MARC Field 504
biographical/historical GDM, MARC Field 545
citation/reference GDM Field 510
conservation history GDM n/a
content GDM n/a
creation/production credits MARC/OpenMIC Field 508
date GDM Field 518
exhibitions GDM, MARC Field 585
funding GDM, MARC Field 536
handwritten Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz - Max-Planck-Institut Field 562$a
language NLA, MARC Field 546
numbering MARC Field 515
date/sequential designation MARC Field 362
original location Minerva, MARC Field 535
original version MARC Field 534
ownership GDM, MARC Field 561
performers MARC Field 511
preferred citation MARC/OpenMIC Field 524
publications MARC Field 581
reproduction MARC Field 533
restriction MARC Field 506
source characteristics GDM Field 786
source dimensions GDM Field 786
source identifier GDM Field 786
source note GDM Field 786
source type GDM Field 786
statement of responsibility MARC Field 245
subject completeness Collection Description  
system details MARC/Minerva Field 538
thesis MARC Field 502
venue MARC Field 518
version identification MARC/OpenMIC Field 562

MODS <physicalDescription><note>

Note Type Source MARC Equivalent
condition GDM n/a
marks GDM n/a
medium GDM Field 340
organization GDM Field 351
physical description GDM n/a
physical details GDM Field 300
presentation GDM Field 340
script GDM n/a
support GDM Field 340
technique GDM Field 340


  • GDM = Generic Descriptive Metadata (Univ. of California Berkeley)
  • MARC = MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data
  • Minerva = Minerva Web Archiving and Presentation Project (LC)
  • OpenMIC = OpenMIC bibliographic utility (LC and Rutgers).
  • NLA = National Library of Australia

HOME >> Guidance >> Note Types

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