MODS XML Record Features Corresponding RDF Description
0001.xml simple (moving image) 0001.rdf
0002.xml has complex subject; related items (text, serial) 0002.rdf
0003.xml title/subtitle (text) 0003.rdf
0004.xml simple (text) 0004.rdf
0005.xml has related item (text) 0005.rdf
0006.xml abbreviated and alternative title variants; complex subjects 0006.rdf
0007.xml title variants; complex subjects;related item 0007.rdf
0008.xml title parts, variants; identifier properties and groups 0008.rdf
0009.xml uniform title --> NameTitle, plus principal title 0009.rdf
0010.xml dateIssued start and end, and expressed as xsd year 0010.rdf
0011.xml part name and number in title; notes, typed and untyped 0011.rdf
0012.xml placeOfOrigin as MADS Geographic 0012.rdf
0013.xml statement of responsibility 0013.rdf
0014.xml name includes a date part 0014.rdf
0015.xml genre as MADS GenreForm 0015.rdf
0016.xml typed note. recordInfo (administrative metadata) 0016.rdf
0017.xml classification 0017.rdf