MODS RDF Ontology

This initiative is a work in progress.

MODS RDF is an RDF ontology for MODS. As MODS is an XML schema for a bibliographic element set,   MODS RDF is an expression of that element set in RDF.

MODS/RDF is modeled as an OWL ontology.  It is available at:

A MODS/RDF namespace document, which provides a human-accessible list of MODS/RDF classes and properties, is accessible at: http://www.loc.gov/mods/modsrdf/v1

For more detailed information see The MODS RDF Ontology Primer.



MODS RDF may be used to create born-RDF MODS, or it may be used to create an RDF description corresponding to an existing MODS XML record.  The latter is discussed in MODS RDF Primer - Part 2: MODS XML to RDF .

See Examples of MODS XML records and their corresponding RDF descriptions.

A stylesheet is available which converts existing MODS XML to MOD RDF (/XML).