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MODS User Guidelines Version 3

MODS "Lite"

The following details a simpler view of MODS elements using only those elements that have a correspondence to the 15 Dublin Core elements in DCMES version 1.1 (unqualified Dublin Core). The MODS elements could include subelements and attributes as defined under each. The use of this subset of MODS would result in a simpler record than one using the full schema, but there is a tradeoff in the richness of the record. For a full Dublin Core to MODS mapping see:

    [Note that <recordInfo> does not occur in Dublin Core, but is considered necessary for managing the record.]


  <mods:title>Florida Environments Online<mods:/title>
<mods:name type="corporate">
  <mods:namePart>Florida Geological Society</mods:namePart>
<mods:name type="corporate" authority="naf">
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs</mods:namePart>
<mods:name type="corporate">
  <mods:namePart>Agricultural Experiment Station/Extension Service (IFAS) </mods:namePart>
<mods:name type="corporate" authority="naf">
  <mods:namePart>University of Florida</mods:namePart>
Engineering and Industrial Experiment Station</mods:namePart>
<mods:typeOfResource collection="yes">text</mods:typeOfResource>
  <mods:languageTerm authority="rfc3066">en</mods:languageTerm>
<mods:abstract>Florida Environments Online contains both digital full text materials and research bibliographies about the ecology and environment of Florida. Digitized materials include more than 200 seminal texts on species and ecosystems selected by scientific experts throughout the state of Florida and digitized specifically for the Linking Florida's Natural Heritage project. They also include the publications of the Florida Geological Society, and agricultural documents created by the Agricultural Experiment Station/Extension Service (IFAS) and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, as well as engineering documents created by the UF Engineering and Industrial Experiment Station</mods:abstract>
<mods:subject authority="lcsh">
  <mods:topic>Environmental sciences</mods:topic>
<mods:subject authority="lcsh">
<mods:subject authority="lcsh">
  <mods:recordContentSource authority="marcorg">MARC organization code for my favorite Library</mods:recordContentSource>
  <mods:recordCreationDate encoding="iso8601">20030331 </mods:recordCreationDate>
  [Note that record information is not included in the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, but has been included here.]

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