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Participant List

  1. Cary Gordon
    • Institution: The Cherry Hill Company
    • Contact:; 310-397-2999
    • Description of Reference Service: We are the system integrator and developer for the 24/7 Reference online reference software.
    • Description of implementation planned for testing: We will send questions from the 24/7 Reference synchronous sytem to asynchronous systems, including OCLC's QuestionPoint. We will use SOAP over both SMTP and HTTP.

  2. Donna Dinberg, Systems Librarian/Analyst
    • Institution: Library and Archives Canada
    • Contact:; 395 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N4 Canada
      (613) 995-9227
    • Description of Reference Service: Key national service connecting clients to Canada's published and archival documentary heritage or to the information/knowledge they seek.
    • Description of implementation planned for testing: Over the year, we hope to test full protocol implementation using both HTTP/S and SMTP.

  3. Vladimir Alexiev, Director R&D
    • Institution: WorkLogic Corp, Ottawa, Canada
    • Contact:
    • Description of Reference Service
      • Helpvisiion request/response management system, used by Elections Canada (EC Support Network) amongst other.
      • ParlRef library request management system for Canadian Library of Parliament
    • Description of implementation planned for testing: We hope to develop import/export filters by the end of 2004.

  4. Shirley Forster
    • Institution: Altarama Systems & Services
    • Contact:; 61 2 9974 2500
    • Description of Reference Service: Altarama is the developer and supplier of the RefTracker Reference Request Management system. RefTracker is not just a request management system, but is specifically designed for the needs of libraries, providing tools to assist with researching and delivering information, and management information and controls to ensure better planning and delivery of the reference function of libraries.
    • Description of implementation planned for testing: Altarama strongly supports the concept of the Netref standard. Initially we wish to trial it in relation to the Refer to third party, and Redirect to third party workflows that are already built into RefTracker by providing an option to deliver the emails these functions generate with Netref compliant XML packages to those organisations that can accept them. We will use these already operational functions to become familar with the standard, and encourge customer usage, before embarking on the other areas it covers. Our particular interest is to ensure that whatever we do is done in such a way that smaller organisations, who may never be able to afford a reference management system with Netref compliance, are able to participate in the system in a usable fashion.

  5. David Lankes, Director
    • Institution:Information Institute of Syracuse
    • Contact:; 621 Skytop Road, Syracuse, NY 13244; (315)443-3640
    • Description of Reference Service: Digital reference research and design, includes building and maintaining the Virtual Reference Desk's Learning Center and AskNSDL for NSF's National Science Digital Library.
      Description of implementation planned for testing: Currently working on SOAP implementation of protocol and metadata for inter-service interchange.

  6. John Fallon
    •, Inc.
    • Contact:; 212 528-3101 x239
    • Description of Reference Service: We provide reference and homework help services to hundreds of public, academic, government, and special libraries. Interactions are primarily through live chat. Other requests are submitted by email, through Web forms, and, in the near future, by telephone. Each request generates a transcript and associated data.
    • Description of implementation planned for testing: We will create and test functionality that will allow users to import and export question and answer data in standard form for passing to other systems. Specifically, we will test the ability to refer questions between a user of our systems and a resource that does not use our reference services or software.

  7. Jennifer Nelson
    • Institution: Minneapolis Public Library
    • Contact: 212 528-3101 x239
    • Description of Reference Service: we provide web ref service using
    • Description of implementation planned for testing: We are interested in furthering the development of a common netref standard, and would like to participate in the trial use testing.

  8. Mariana Paredes-Olea
    • Institution: Universidad de Sonora
    • 52 (662) 2125529
    • Description of Reference Service: Literatures and Linguistics Library Reference Services.

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