PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata (version 2.1): Changes from previous version 2.0

This document records changes that were made in version 2.1 of the PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata (PDF:1.23MB /226pp.) and PREMIS schemas.
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The following are mistakes or omissions that are corrected in this version.

  • Add linking semantic units from Agent Entity to Events and Rights:
    • linkingEventIdentifier (linkingEventIdentifierType and linkingEventIdentifierValue)
    • linkingRightsStatementIdentifier (linkingRightsStatementIdentifierType and linkingRightsStatementIdentifierValue)
  • Clarify that the linking semantic units are mandatory in the sense that a repository needs to know the information, but are defined as optional because PREMIS does not specify in which direction the linkage should be.
  • Correct the "Rationale" for objectCharacteristicsExtension to say "There may be a need to extend PREMIS defined units." Replacing is not allowed.
  • Make storage optional, since it is not useful for exchange (corrected in schema)
  • Add "Not applicable" for representation under signatureValidationRules
  • Add "Not applicable for representation under 1.9.2 signatureInformationExtension
  • Provide common definitions for linkingAgentIdentifier under event and rightsStatement:
    • Make linkingAgentRole optional and repeatable for rightsStatement instead of mandatory and not repeatable
    • Add attributes LinkAgentXmlID and xlink:simpleLink for rightsStatement
  • Provide common definitions for linkingObjectIdentifier under event and rightsStatement:
    • Add linkingObjectRole (optional, repeatable) to rightsStatement
    • Add attributes LinkObjectXmlID and xlink:simpleLink for rightsStatement
  • Correct repeatability of format in schema (now is maxOccurs=1, should be maxOccurs="unbounded")
  • Correct Usage notes for 1.8.1 environmentCharacteristic from "recommended = an environment preferred for optional rendering" to: "recommended = an environment preferred for optimal rendering"

Data Dictionary and/or Schema changes
The following details changes that were approved by the PREMIS Editorial Committee and incorporated into version 2.1

  • The following new elements are added to the Agent Entity
    • agentNote
    • agentExtension
    • linkingEventIdentifier
    • linkingRightsStatementIdentifier
  • Define additional elements and attributes for all extension elements to create a structure similar to that used with METS extension schemas (e.g. add element to indicate whether the metadata is a reference or wrapped within the metadata section; add indication of metadata type, etc.).
  • All extension elements are made repeatable