PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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2015 PREMIS Implementation Fair Agenda

November 6, 2015, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Sponsored by the PREMIS Editorial Committee

Part 1: A View from the Editorial Committee
09:00-09:10 Introduction
A brief introduction to the workshop.
09:10-10:05 Overview of PREMIS 3.0--Part 1

Overview of PREMIS 3.0--Part 2
The PREMIS Data Dictionary version 3.0 was issued in June 2015 and includes changes to the PREMIS Data Model. Major changes are the ability to better describe software and hardware environments as well as Intellectual Entities. These changes will be reviewed with discussion from implementers about how they might affect preservation systems and processes. Examples of usage in XML will be presented.

Rebecca Guenther

Evelyn McLellan

10:05-10:25 Implementing PREMIS for Interactive Resources
The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision has started to archive websites and is now looking to expand its collection with other interactive resources, especially computer games.This presentation addresses the challenges in preserving these types of resources and how the changes in PREMIS 3.0 might affect the ability to preserve them.
Jesse de Vos
Part 2: A View from the Field
10:25-10:45 Break  
10:45-11:15 Implementations and Challenges
Contributions from implementers.
11:15-11:30 PREMIS at MOMA
Contributions from implementers.
Ben Fino-Radin
11:30-12:00 Questions & Discussion  


2015 PREMIS Implementation Fair Notes


Who should attend

Digital preservation practitioners: digital librarians and archivists, digital curators, repository managers and those with a responsibility for or an interest in preservation workflows and systems.

Digital preservation researchers/experts: those who have been involved in research and/or standardization activities on preservation metadata implementation, metadata scheme development and modeling risk assessment frameworks.

Anyone involved in selecting, designing, or planning a preservation project or repository using preservation metadata.


To register please go to the iPres 2015 registration site.