PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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UCSD Libraries' Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)

Activity Name: UCSD Libraries' Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)
Organization: University of California, San Diego
Organization Type: Library
Content Type: Audio - yes
Cartographic Material
Images - yes
Other - yes
Text-based Materials - yes
Video - yes
Origin of Content (digitized, born digital,
or both):
Digitized and born digital
Description: The UCSD Libraries’ Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) is a locally developed digital repository designed to store and manage the digital assets of the UCSD Libraries. It is an expression of our XDRE (eXtensible Digital Resource Environment) framework. It uses the Semantic Web Resource Description Framework (RDF) data model, Solr, JSON, Archival Resource Key (ARK) naming scheme, Samba, and a Java based development platform. The DAMS' flexible architecture can accept a variety of data formats, schemas and web services to ingest digital assets. Additionally, the DAMS is able to export data in many formats, including METS, HTML, OAI, RSS, CSV. Future plans include linking data sets with other universities and academic organizations.
Start Date: 2005-01-01
Stakeholder/Audience • Public • Curator only • UCSD IP only • DAMS administrator only The DAMS is extensible, therefore more
Notes: An important feature to note is that the DAMS uses an algorithm to determine access to the public access system based on PREMIS metadata rules. The algorithm determines user access by checking the statements of multiple PREMIS metadata elements to determine the status of a digital asset. Previously, we used METSrights for expressing copyright, but we switched to PREMIS rights elements because we agreed that it provided a better vehicle for expressing the complete rights situation of a digital asset, not only copyrights but license and statute rights and the permissions or restrictions associated with each digital asset. Another reason for choosing PREMIS was that in consolidated our metadata practice of using PREMIS elements for encoding basic technical metadata for all digital assets.
Implementation Details:
What repository workflows or functions does your PREMIS Metadata support? Digital content storage and management Rights management services Access services Replication service
What PREMIS data module entities are represented in your implementation? Object and Rights Agent and Event (coming soon)
How is preservation metadata stored in your repository? RDF Triplestore
What ancillary resources and tools do you use to support your PREMIS implementation? Controlled Vocabularies, Tools JHOVE Extension Schemas MIX, Registries
Is your preservation metadata created internally, imported from external sources, or both? Both (capture information may be acquired from digitization vendor)
Is your preservation metadata used only internally or is it shared with external organizations? Shared -- METS (note: BagIt specification to submit digital assets to the Chronopolis Digital Preservation Network coming soon)
Example File Name: 03_UCSD_bb0171804v-mets.xml
Description of Example Files and/or Additional Example Files: 03_UCSD_bb3482101x-mets.xml