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Activity Name: Kramerius
Organization: National Library of the Czech Republic and Moravian State Library, Brno
Organization Type: Library
Content Type: Audio
Cartographic Material
Images - yes
Text-based Materials - yes
Origin of Content (digitized, born digital,
or both):
Description: Kramerius Digital library is the outcome of the Kramerius project. It started in 1998, with microfilming of endangered documents printed on acid paper. Very soon the project began to produce digital copies as well. It is funded by the Ministry of Culture and focuses on 19th and 20th century documents (books and newspapers). Digital library content is about 8,000,000 pages.
Start Date: 2008-01-01
Notes: Some info about the digital library system itself: Notes: Kramerius contains only images (periodicals and monographs,i.e. books from 19th century till mid 20th century)in DjVu format making the installation of a plug-in necessary to view the images. The link to do so is located beneath each image.We use PREMIS Object and PREMIS Rights from 2008 only for archival data, not embedded in METS. We have PREMIS only in the archive, it is not used in the Kramerius application for access. The implementation of PREMIS Object and Rights is very basic. A completely renewed version of the Kramerius system should be deployed in January 2012.
Implementation Details:
What repository workflows or functions does your PREMIS Metadata support? Long-term preservation in the future (information about the file format, file size), authentication procedures (identifiers, checksums)
What PREMIS data module entities are represented in your implementation? Only Object and Rights
How is preservation metadata stored in your repository? XML in the file system
What ancillary resources and tools do you use to support your PREMIS implementation? Controlled Vocabularies Internal vocabularies Tools DROID/PRONOM and Sirius (Czech SW for digitization workflow) Extension Schemas, Registries PRONOM
Is your preservation metadata created internally, imported from external sources, or both? Internally
Is your preservation metadata used only internally or is it shared with external organizations? Internally
Example File Name: 08_PREMISobj_example_kramerius_project.amd.xml
Description of Example Files and/or Additional Example Files: