PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales

Activity Name: National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales
Organization: National Library of Wales
Organization Type: Library
Content Type: Audio - yes
Cartographic Material
Text-based Materials
Video - yes
Origin of Content (digitized, born digital,
or both):
Digitized and born digital
Description: BoB (Box of Broadcasts) system allows us to select television and radio programmes for recording using an EPG. Information stored is then used to create a catalogue record and metadata. It also allows for the capture of subtitles in English and Welsh. The system records the programs to hard disc by creating MPEG2 files. Analogue tapes are also ingested into the system creating electronic files.
Start Date: 2007-11-01
Stakeholder/Audience Scholarly community, general public, researchers, media companies
Notes: The following web page on the Library's website may be of interest to you also Management of Digital Objects and Digital Preservation in NLW
Implementation Details:
What repository workflows or functions does your PREMIS Metadata support?  
What PREMIS data module entities are represented in your implementation?  
How is preservation metadata stored in your repository?  
What ancillary resources and tools do you use to support your PREMIS implementation?  
Is your preservation metadata created internally, imported from external sources, or both?  
Is your preservation metadata used only internally or is it shared with external organizations?  
Example File Name: 11_Wales_NLW_wills.xml
Description of Example Files and/or Additional Example Files: