PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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Medusa Digital Preservation Repository

Activity Name: Medusa Digital Preservation Repository
Organization: Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Organization Type: Library
Content Type: Audio - yes
Cartographic Material
Images - yes
Text-based Materials - yes
Video - yes
Origin of Content (digitized, born digital,
or both):
no content origin specified
Description: We are developing a digital repository whose primary function is the preservation and management of digital assets important to the University of Illinois Library.
Start Date: 0000-00-00
Implementation Details:
What repository workflows or functions does your PREMIS Metadata support? Rights management (just coarsely grained right now, such as open, campus-only, library-only, or closed) Validation of files using checksums, file sizes and mime types Virus checking Format migrations as needed Workflow actions, such as recurring periodic actions against files
What PREMIS data module entities are represented in your implementation? All four entities
How is preservation metadata stored in your repository? We store the PREMIS as XML files in the repositiory, some fields may end up in external indexes such as SOLR or RDF databases.
What ancillary resources and tools do you use to support your PREMIS implementation? Controlled Vocabularies Tools We plan on using the FITS tool for technical metadata extraction and validation. We are working on a Ruby PREMIS class library for use with the Hydra framework. Extension Schemas Registries
Is your preservation metadata created internally, imported from external sources, or both? Mostly internally
Is your preservation metadata used only internally or is it shared with external organizations? Right now there are no plans to share it externally, other than small subsets such as checksum, filesize, mime type, etc. These could be shared with partners such as HathiTrust who may end up hosting certain of our digital objects.
Example File Name: 35_UIUC_premis.xml
Description of Example Files and/or Additional Example Files: