PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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European project SHAMAN

Activity Name: European project SHAMAN
Organization: Goettingen State and University Library
Organization Type: Library
Content Type: Audio
Cartographic Material
Other - yes
Text-based Materials
Origin of Content (digitized, born digital,
or both):
Born digital
Description: Conversion of METS Archival Information Packages (according to to packages described by OAI-ORE with PREMIS.
Start Date: 2007-12-01
Stakeholder/Audience Digital preservation community, research
Implementation Details:
What repository workflows or functions does your PREMIS Metadata support? We are developing a mapping from LMER-Metadata (Universal Object Format METS) into OAI-ORE by using PREMIS as predicates.
What PREMIS data module entities are represented in your implementation? Object, Event
How is preservation metadata stored in your repository? XML-RDF
What ancillary resources and tools do you use to support your PREMIS implementation? Controlled Vocabularies Tools koLibRI, JHOVE, Foresite Toolkit Extension Schemas As provided by JHOVE Registries
Is your preservation metadata created internally, imported from external sources, or both? Imported from external sources (Universal Object Format METS
Is your preservation metadata used only internally or is it shared with external organizations? It is intended to exchange the metadata in OAI-ORE.
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Description of Example Files and/or Additional Example Files: