SRU (Search/Retrieval Using URL)


Registered Extensions

Listed below are the extensions to the protocol which have been registered. Extensions do not need to be registered to use, but it in order for other implementors to support your extensions, registering them is recommended.

  • For more information about how extensions are created and used, see Extensions and also Extra Data.
  • If you wish to have an extension listed here, then please contact the SRU Maintenance Agency.
  • Some "reference" links in the table below go to external Web sites.

Extension Name Description Identifying URI
Authentication/Authorisation Supports tokens or username and password. info:srw/extension/2/auth-1.1
Schema Negotiation Allows the server to choose from a list of schemas, rather than having one mandated by the client. info:srw/extension/2/schemaNegotiation-1.0
Requested Term Allows the server to mark that the term being returned is the same as the one requested after normalisation. info:srw/extension/2/requestedTerm-1.1
Accept Allows the server to return any extensions it wants to. info:srw/extension/2/accept-1.0
XPath Request a particular XPath from within records to be returned, instead of the full record. info:srw/extension/2/xpath-1.0
Extra Query Request that the server return additional information regarding the query, including suggested replacement terms, result sets or the number of hits for sub-queries. info:srw/extension/2/extraQuery-1.0