SRU (Search/Retrieval Using URL)


April 2, 2008  (draft)

This is the namespace information page for XML namespace:


This namespace is used in the following known schemas:

  1. RMD Record Metadata for SRU. 
  2. DCX  DC elements together with record metadata

The namespace consists of the elements in the table below. 

These elements may be reference by any schema, using the namespace listed above. The recommended prefix to be associated with this namespace is 'rmd'.


element Name subelement type unit/constraint description
size   xs:integer bytes  
id   xs:string    
lang   xs:string   ISO 639 2b
within       ?????
score   xs:integer 0 to 100  
rank   xs:integer 1 to result count  
modifiableBy   xs:string    
creationDateTime   xs:date    
creator   xs:string    
modification              modifiedBy xs:string    
   modificationDateTime xs:dateTime    
  modificationDescription xs:string    
cost          costAmount xs:decimal    
 costCurrencyCode xs:string   ISO 4217