SRU (Search/Retrieval Using URL)


This is the Namespace Information Page for the following XML namespace:


June 8, 2007


Element Name subelement of Type Description
action   xsd:anyURI see below
recordIdentifier   xsd:string
   recordVersion recordVersions
      versionType recordVersions xsd:string  
      versionValue recordVersions xsd:string  
operationStatus   xsd:string see below
recordIdentifier   xsd:string  



Identifier Description
info:srw/action/1/create Create a new record
info:srw/action/1/replace Wholly replace an existing record with a new record
info:srw/action/1/delete Delete an existing record



Value Description
success The server has completed the operation successfully
fail The server could not complete the operation, additional information may be present in the diagnostics
partial Part of the operation was successful, additional information may be present in the diagnostics
delayed The server has not yet finished the operation