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[Detail] sit-down strike after being refused service

Civil Rights

In the twenty years following the end of World War II, African Americans worked tirelessly, often side by side with white Americans, to gain equal rights. They worked through the courts; lobbied legislatures; conducted direct action through marches, protests, boycotts, and nonviolence resistance; and achieved greatness in sports and the arts.

Create a chart with four columns, like the one shown below:

Action People Involved Reasoning Outcome/Effects

Using information from the Civil Rights Era section of the Special Presentation, complete the chart, filling in as many different actions taken by civil rights activists as you can. When you have finished, examine your chart carefully. Write an essay describing the avenues to change used in the Civil Rights movement. Use photographs, charts, or illustrations from the Special Presentation or the five collections of The African American Odyssey to illustrate your essay.