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[Detail] sit-down strike after being refused service

Historical Analysis and Interpretation: Explaining Causes

“By Executive Order--President Truman Wipes Out Segregation in Armed Forces.” Chicago Defender, July 31, 1948

"By Executive Order--President Truman Wipes Out Segregation in Armed Forces." Chicago Defender, July 31, 1948 Copyprint from microfilm. Serial and Government Publications Division. (9-2) Courtesy of the Chicago Daily Defender, Chicago, Illinois

The Civil Rights movement was a complex and multi-faceted effort. Strong leaders, committed individuals, community organizations, government officials and agencies—with motivations ranging from outrage to religious faith, belief in constitutional principles, practical political considerations, and commitment to social justice—all played a role in creating change. Read the exhibit section on The Civil Rights Era.

Think of two changes brought about by the civil rights movement. Compare the conditions and ideas that motivated people to seek change as well as the people and organizations that contributed to creating change. Write a generalization about the causes of change in the Civil Rights Era based on your comparison.