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[Detail] Yosemite National Park, Mirror Lake and Mt. Watkin

2. Fictional Writing

Two Children on Path

Bessemer Park, Two Children on Path to Manister Avenue, South Park System, 91st St. and S. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL, 1903; Completed 1904.

In contrast to the previous exercise of expository writing, use the images to inspire fictional stories. By browsing the collection with the Subject Index, find an image that interests you. Using the image as a starting point, create characters and a plot to go along with the image.

Ask yourself questions about the image to develop the content of your story. For example, using the image to the left, you might create a story about these two children. Where are they coming from and where are they going? What city are they in? What year is it? What is the emotional relationship between the children? Where did they get those hats? Who do they run into on the path? View the bibliographic record of the image to gain additional information.

In developing your story, create a plot with a climax and a resolution. Create dialogue appropriate to the characters' age, background, and education. You can create a book cover for your story using the image from the collection that inspired your work.