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3. Public Speaking

Develop your research, writing, and public speaking skills by creating an oral presentation based on development plans in this collection. Search on plan to retrieve a landscape architect's, designer's, or developer's plan for a community development project. Assume the role of the plan's creator with the task of convincing the local government and community that the plan should be adopted for future growth.

Town Plan, Fairfield, AL.

Town Plan, Fairfield, AL.

Research the plan and its location. Analyze the plan to determine its benefits. Create an outline of the major points that you will focus on in your speech. A good practice is to anticipate opposition to the proposal and include counter arguments in the presentation. When writing the final speech, consider how the arguments will come across to the audience. Your points must be clear, concise, and easy to follow. You may wish to create visual aids to augment your speech.

If in a classroom setting, you can present your work to the class and share constructive feedback. A follow-up presentation will allow you to incorporate the feedback while it is fresh in mind.