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[Detail] Yosemite National Park, Mirror Lake and Mt. Watkin

Historical Research Capabilities

This collection can be used to research the historical use of various architectural design elements by browsing the Subject Index. It may contain several unfamiliar terms, such as allee, frieze, puddingston, and caryatid. Research these design terms first by viewing the collection's images found when searching on the terms. Then, research the exact definition in a dictionary and compare your guesses to the true definitions.

For example, the term colonnade may be unfamiliar. However, once you search on the term and review the images, you may soon guess the definition to be "a series of columns usually supporting one side of a roof," (The Random House Dictionary, Ballantine Books:New York).

Madison Square Presbyterian Church

Madison Square Presbyterian Church, NE Cor. E. 73rd St. and Madison Ave., New York, NY., 1899; Altered 1966.

Capitol Building in 1849

Capitol Building in 1849, Washington, DC., 1793; Completed 1827.

Parthenon, First Copy

Parthenon, First Copy, Nashville, TN, 1897; Second Copy, Concrete, 1930.

In addition, this collection can be used to research individual architects, urban planners, and landscape architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Frederick Law Olmsted, and Louis Sullivan, as well as other lesser-known individuals listed in the Name Index. The collection can also be used to research specific locations and constructions.