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[Detail] A. A. Mattern/John Kling. Hassan Triple Folders, 1912.

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R. Hoblitzel/Richard J. Egan, 1912

R. Hoblitzel/Richard J. Egan, 1912, Hassan Triple Folders

Each profession has words particular to it. In addition to the unique names for the various positions on the ballfield, baseball has unique ways of describing its players. Browse the collection by player, team, league, city, or card set. By reading the back of the baseball cards, students will see how these terms have changed and remained the same over time. Students will learn to infer the meaning of words from their context. For example, what does it mean for a player to be "tied to the bag" as stated on the card to the right? Students can choose different professions and list words particular to each. Using those words, they can write a story relating to that profession.