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[Detail] A. A. Mattern/John Kling. Hassan Triple Folders, 1912.

Historical Research Capabilities

Timothy Keefe, 1887

Timothy Keefe, 1887, Allen & Ginter World's Champions

Charlie Duffe, 1888-89

Charlie Duffe, 1888-89, Old Judge Cabinets

Tyrus Raymond Cobb, 1912

Tyrus Raymond Cobb, 1912. Series of Champions

The baseball cards in this collection reflect the photography and printing capabilities of the time. Students can research how printed materials were created in the late 1800s and early 1900s. A written report can be illustrated with images from the collection. Search the collection by year or browse the chronological list of card sets to see how the techniques advanced. Students can compare the cards here to modern baseball cards, as well.