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[Detail] Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese


A 1954 Negro League game program features profiles of two different performers affiliated with the League for more than three decades. "The Charleston Story" describes the accomplishments of the legendary Negro League player and manager Oscar Charleston and chronicles achievements such as hitting two home runs in one game in 1924. "Things You Might Like to Know About Clown Ed Hamman" features different records of note:

One was in 1932, when he played before eight paid admissions on a Sunday afternoon in Berks County, Penn. The other was before a crowd of 86,288, the largest crowd in baseball history.

  • When and why are biographies written? Why do some people have biographies written about their lives and others do not?
  • Why are profiles of both Charleston and Hamman featured in the program?
  • How is each man described? What terms are used? Why?
  • What is the tone of each article? How does each man’s role in the League influence the tone of his biography?
  • Choose an athlete or entertainer that you admire and write a brief biography. What details should be emphasized? What tone will you use?